Magic Bristle Gloves are a combination glove-and-brush, with bristles on each fingertip. The manufacturers promise this will make it easier to scrub and clean in hard-to-reach or delicate areas like behind the faucet or chrome on your motorcycle.

Magic Bristle Gloves are sold by Q.E.P. Co in Greensboro, GA and they claim to be “committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service” on their website. However, there is no other information about the company available to back this up.

The Magic Bristle Glove Pitch

xThe main selling point of Magic Bristle Gloves is their claim it will help you clean areas that a regular, bulky bristle brush can’t reach. They show a hand wearing a Magic Bristle Glove easily cleaning tile grout, shower door rails, and inside drains. Wherever you can place your finger, they say you can clean with the Magic Bristle Gloves.

How Magic Bristle Gloves Work

Magic Bristle Gloves appear to be a pair of rubber gloves with bristles on each finger. They don’t say what the gloves are made of, except that they are machine washable and have a cloth inner lining for comfort; they tout the “power” of Magic Bristle Gloves lies in the thousands of tiny bristles on each finger.

To use your Magic Bristle Gloves, put them on and use instead of a bristle brush. They promise it won’t scratch surfaces and your nails and hands will be protected.

Magic Bristle Brush Costs:

$26.89 for 2 pairs Magic Bristle Brushes and Big Soft Mitt (a glove for dusting) – this is disguised by charging you $10.99 plus $7.95 for the gloves and another $7.95 for the “free” Big Soft Mitt.

You have 30 days to try the Magic Bristle Brush. If you can’t scrub away dirt from crevices like they promise, you can return them. Note they will only refund $10.99 of your purchase and pocket the rest.

Bottom Line: Is Magic Bristle Brush a Scam?

Cleaning certain nooks and crannies can be a pain in the grout, so the promise of this product makes it tempting; reviews of Magic Bristle Brush have generally been fair. But we question: a) its cost, most of which is non-refundable fees and b) its usefulness – can’t you just take a thin scouring pad and do the same thing? We’re also not so sure it’s a great idea to just use your fingers in some of these suggested places like brakes or ridges under the stove as we worry you might cut yourself.

Tell us what you think? Did you buy Magic Bristle Brush and did it help you clean nooks and crannies or did it hurt your fingers?