Liquid Drywall from Allstar Products Group is a spray-on spackling paste that the makers claim will repair holes, cracks, and dents in drywall. They promise you will have no more messy spackling jobs and state Liquid Drywall will dry quickly, leave a smooth finish, and never dry out in the can.

How Liquid Drywall Works

Liquid Drywall doesn’t say what’s inside its aerosol can except to claim it puts the strength and durability of drywall in a can. To use Liquid Drywall, they instruct you to simply spray it on the offending nail hole or gouge and spread evenly with the included putty knife cap.

Then, use some touch up paint (2 tubes of unknown color are included) and voila! Liquid Drywall states your holes are completely gone and your wall is smooth. They add that because Liquid Drywall is in a spray can, unlike other spackling pastes it won’t get clumpy or dry out so it’s ready to use any time you need to fix a hole and you’ll never need to call a handyman again.

Liquid Drywall Costs:

$19.90 – this is pitched as $10 and if you buy one Liquid Drywall can you get another can free but the fine print reveals they charge you $4.95 in shipping and handling for the first one as well as $4.95 for the second. Your order also includes a spreader cap, 2 touch up paint tubes, and a mesh patch “absolutely free.”

Liquid Drywall comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. But you should know this is just for your initial $10 and not the $9.90 in shipping fees (you also have to pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Liquid Drywall Right for You?

Everybody likes a smooth wall free of dents or nail holes and the promise of a no-mess spackling solution that Liquid Drywall offers is tempting. But there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First, what’s in it and how big is each can? There was no specific information listed on the Liquid Drywall website and customer service had no additional info. So you can’t really know what you are getting or how much. (They also didn’t know the colors of the 2 tubes of touch-up paint.)

Second, does it really save you that much time and money? Generally speaking, spackling paste comes in a small container designed for small, quick jobs around the house. (We found an 8 oz. tub for $3.98 at Home Depot.) While Liquid Drywall gives you the opportunity to spray the wall using just one finger, taking a small scoop of spackle can be just as quick (and you have to use a smoothing tool either way). And while a dried out can of spackle is a bummer, so long as you keep the lid closed (it’s designed with an airtight seal) you shouldn’t have that problem. We want to also mention that professional painters seem to find the concept of Liquid Drywall hilarious and worry about shrinkage and durability; the product also gets low marks on other review websites.

If you need to patch a hole, we suggest first reading How to Spackle a Wall from Home Repair Central.

Let us know your experience with Liquid Drywall below!