Lipsation is a lipstick that the sellers promise will give you thicker, fuller, pout-ier lips just like your favorite celebrity immediately. They state their secret formula will cause your lips to soak up water and stimulate collagen production, resulting in an ultra-sexy kisser that even Angelina Jolie would envy. 

The Lipsation Pitch

The main way they get you to try Lipsation (aside from promising thicker, fuller lips) is by using basic psychology. They are taking advantage of a condition so common it has its own acronym: FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. Nobody wants to miss a bargain or not be a part of the latest “fad.”

First, they use the words “Limited Supplies” on the website so you think they may run out – to add to the urgency a sign appears saying “only (X) free vials left for today” and “(X) people looking at this page.” 

Then they have you fill out your name, phone number and address before they even show you the price (that way they can try and sell you other stuff later!)

To read more about this standard pitch, check out our article called “Anatomy of a Special Offer Page: Tricks They Use To Get You To BUY!”

Lipsation Cost:

Once they got you on the order page, you are given several buying options, but the main one they push is the 14-day trial/2 month supply, listed as $4 each (or $8) in shipping. This means, according to the fine print, if you do not return it within that time period you will be charged $89 per bottle. 

In addition, their terms and conditions page states that only defective or damaged products can be returned. The only customer service number listed is a phone number in the Netherlands (+31 20-241-0975).

Bottom Line: Is Lipsation a SENsation?

Ladies love having luscious lips, so a product like Lipsation that lets you pump them up without any special injections seems promising. But:

  • The only ingredient they list is hyaluronic acid. While it’s true, hyaluronic acid is used as filler in plastic surgery there is no evidence simply applying it to your lips will activate collagen as promised. 
  • Even if Lipsation did do something, its effects are likely minimal and only temporary.
  • Because the phone number is not toll-free, you will be racking up costs trying to reach them in case of any billing issues.
  • While there is a “Quick Cancel” button on their Terms and Conditions page, it appeared to be broken.

So let’s go over this again: we don’t know most of the ingredients (and what we do know doesn’t seem to work as they say), there is a lot of fine print and you have to place an international order and you will possibly be in the hole for over $180 with no returns allowed.

Or, you can try this quick method: brush your lips with a toothbrush covered with a bit of sugar, which will irritate them enough to look fuller (and make them sweeter to kiss, to boot!)

Let us know your experience with Lipsation below!