Lipo Drops is a liquid diet supplement the manufacturers state is made from all-natural fat burning lipotropic amino acids that they insist will help you lose weight. They promise a squirt of Lipdrops under the tongue will be absorbed directly into the bloodstream will start you losing pure body fat and it’s more effective than pills or tablets.

But are Lipo Drops really an effective and safe method of losing weight? Let’s investigate some of their claims more closely.

The Lipo Drops Pitch

Lipo Drops is targeted primarily at women over 35 who may be a little overweight due to aging. The infomercial claims that this may not be their fault, but rather due to Lipotropic Amino Deficiency, which they claim can slow down metabolism. The commercial also features testimonial from Dr. MJ Collier MD (also known as The Hip Hop Doc) who says Lipo Drops contain the same ingredients as the expensive injections done at weight loss clinics. To interest you further, they throw in a 2-for-1 offer for your order of Lipo Drops.

What Are Liptropic Amino Acids

Lipotropic amino acids are a combination of organic compounds thought to eat fat. They consist of choline (found in cauliflower, eggs, nuts, beans, beef) methoionine (fish, sesame seeds), and inositol (bananas, raisins, veggies). The latest fad is combining these amino acids with Vitamin B-12 (sometimes known as a Lipo-B shot) and injecting them into the bloodstream; this allegedly helps boost energy and speed up weight loss.

How Lipo Drops Works

Lipdrops comes in a small bottle of unknown size they claim is a 30 day supply; it also comes with an eyedropper. The full ingredients are not listed, but Lipo Drops is said to contain at least choline and L-carnatine. They state it contains no caffeine or HCG, a hormone included in some weight loss drops.

To use Lipo Drops, Dr. Collier instructs you to place 0.5 mils or ½ teaspoon under the tongue twice daily. You are also advised to eat 5 meals a day. They say exercise is not necessary and you will begin to see results within 2 weeks, losing 1-2 lbs. per week so long as you follow a “sensible, calorie-restricted diet.” They claim once you lose the desired weight, you can stop taking Lipo Drops and you will keep it off so long as you stay on that “sensible” diet. However, they suggest women over 45 continue to take Lipo Drops regularly like a vitamin.

How Much are Lipo Drops?

$47.90 for 2 bottles of Lipo Drops. This is pitched as $39.95 plus $7.95 shipping for the first bottle and the second bottle is free. At the time of your order, you have the option of enrolling in an auto-ship program where they send you 2 new bottles and charge you another $47.90 every 60 days.

The money-back guarantee is unclear for Lipo Drops. On the home page, they state you have 10 days to try it and on the customer service page it says 30; on the FAQ page it says you have 2 weeks (all minus S&H fees and what it costs to send back). We attempted to reach customer service for clarification but was connected to a recorded announcement which said they were closed, even though this was during their posted business hours.

Bottom Line: Is Lipo Drops a Scam?

Lipo Drops may indeed contain lipotropic amino acids, but:

If you are looking to lose weight, we suggest consulting with your doctor about a diet and exercise plan that will help you achieve your goals.

What do you think about Lipo Drops? Let us know below!