Lava Lunch is a lunchbox made from neoprene that the sellers tout is BPA-free and will keep your lunch hot for up to 5 hours. They state the Lava Rock that keeps your food hot is organic, activated by the microwave, and when you open the bag you, your spouse, or your child will be able to enjoy food that is still piping hot hours after you cooked it.

How Lava Lunch Works

Lava Lunch is essentially an insulated bag with the dimensions 11”x8”x5” on the outside with an interior of 6”x8”x5”. They state it’s made from neoprene and a super foam insulation and promise it is free from all toxins. It also comes with 2 Lava Rocks, which you heat up in the microwave (approx. 1 minute for an 1800 Watt). 

To use it, cook/heat the food of choice and place in a container that will fit inside the Lava Lunch (for optimal performance they suggest using stainless steel). Then, heat the Lava Rocks, put them in the side pockets and put your food container inside. They state when it’s time for lunch your food will still be warm and ready-to-eat. Lava Lunch adds if you don’t put in the Lava Rocks, you can use the bag alone to keep foods cold. 

Lava Lunch Will Run You:

$25.70 ($18.75 plus $6.95 P&H) if you use the promo code LAVA during checkout for 25% off; regular price is listed as $24.95 plus S&H. Lava Lunch comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus processing fees. 

Bottom Line: Is Lava Lunch a “Hot” Product?

Having an option of something other than a cold sandwich for lunch is certainly appealing to many people, especially parents and their finicky children who probably don’t have access to a microwave at school. We appreciate that Lava Lunch uses non-toxic materials and its Lava Rock is biodegradable. We’d just like to point out a few things.

First, individual results may vary, depending on ambient temperature, outside temperature, and onset temperature. KWCH News 12 In Kansas did a review of Lava Lunch and found in their test situation foods dropped 40 degrees after 4 hours but were still warm enough to be enjoyable. 

Second, there are still very few customer reviews of Lava Lunch. While most like the idea, some have noted that the interior is very small and they have to put their containers sideways, causing spillage. Some have noted that their food didn’t stay warm for as long as promised.

If you are interested in Lava Lunch, remember to use containers 6”x8”x5” or smaller, preferably stainless steel. If your microwave doesn’t heat up the Lava Rock in the time listed, they say you can increase the zap time another 30 seconds. It may take some trial and error to find the best foods and containers in which to keep them warm.

Also, remember, while it says it keeps hot food hot and cold food cold, it won’t do that at the same time.  

Let us know your experience with Lava Lunch below – how many hours did it keep your food warm?