La Lumieres is a skin cream that promises it’s an injection-free anti-aging solution that is better than Botox and is Hollywood’s best-kept secret. They state it’s clinically proven to rejuvenate your skin without expensive surgery, making you look 10 years younger and it’s incredibly easy to use. Ooh la la!

The La Lumieres Pitch

La Lumieres has a fancy French name and label but appears to come from Miami Lakes, Florida. The company uses many standard tricks to get you to try/buy their skincare product, including telling you it’s a limited offer of only 1000 trials per day (it’s not) and that its ingredients are clinically proven to work (they aren’t).

Specifically, La Lumieres claims that in a “recenty (sic) study covering the affects (sic) of key skin care ingredients contained in Our Advanced Formula… several hundred women saw dramatic visible anti-aging results.” Aside from the fact that they can’t proofread their own website, there is no specific information regarding a) who conducted the study b) how many people were involved c) what the actual ingredients were that they tested or d) whether this was a double-blind study with a placebo control group. 

La Lumieres does list their ingredients, which include Passion Flower, Green Tea, Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen, Vitamin C, and even Diamond Dust. But because the cosmetic industry is virtually unregulated you can’t really be sure how much you are getting of each ingredient, if they are there at all.  It should be noted that the first ingredient listed is Purified Water.

La Lumieres Costs:

La Lumieres tempts you with a Trial Offer, where you pay $4.95 for shipping; however it should be noted that you only have 14 days to try/cancel the product from date of order, not receipt. 

Since they state average delivery time is 5-7 days this gives you very little time to cancel before they charge you $99.73 for the product you already received and they will enroll you in an auto-ship program and charge $99.73 plus $4.95 shipping every 30 days until you call and cancel. 

Their Terms and Conditions also lists a “Negative Option Clause” meaning you may be liable for this $99.73 per month if you fail to notify them. Refunds and returns are handled “at the discretion of the company.”

Bottom Line: Is La Lumieres a Scam?

If you have ordered from La Lumieres you may want to keep this number handy (855) 860-7879 and call to cancel the sneaky auto-ship program right away. 

Essentially, we have concluded La Lumieres is a skin cream with no clear listing of ingredients or proven results that has no return policy and a Negative Option Clause to withdraw more money from your bank account.

As the Environmental Working Group (a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect consumer health) explains that there is no “Fountain of Youth” and the FDA is not looking at cosmetics carefully enough to make sure they are safe or effective.

If you are interested in purchasing cosmetics and finding out what’s in them, we recommend you download their SkinDeep cosmetic database smartphone app, which will let you scan the barcode on beauty products so you can be informed as to their safety and efficacy.

Let us know your experience with La Lumieres below!