Formulated with just three high-quality ingredients, LA-3 by Live Cell Research claims to increase AMPK levels within your body and boost energy, improve clarity of thought, reduce abdominal fat, and leave you with a stronger, healthier self.

Known as the “master switch” for regulating many age-related processes in the body, Live Cell Research tells us that taking two capsules of LA-3 daily will work to boost AMPK levels all day. With continued use, they claim you can expect:

  • Increased energy, reduced appetite, and fewer cravings within the first seven days.
  • Further increased energy and reduced abdominal fat within two weeks.
  • Clearer thinking, less forgetfulness, and a more dramatic (and healthier) body shape within one month.

Live Cell Research tells us that anybody can experience these benefits with LA-3, which is also packaged in an “environmentally friendly container resistant to heat, light, and air.”

Just what is AMPK, though? Can you anticipate boosted AMPK levels to provide any real-world benefits? Even then, can you expect Live Cell Research’s LA-3 supplement to increase AMPK or deliver on any of its other promises?

Our goal here is to provide you with the information and leave the final decision up to you. With this foundation to work from, let’s start with the basics, shall we?

Is AMPK Everything It’s Cracked Up to Be? Can You Boost Levels In the Body?

AMPK is short for 5' adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase, an enzyme found in everything from yeast to humans.

As an enzyme, AMPK’s duty is to help cause other chemical reactions to occur. The special thing about AMPK, though—and the reason it’s often referred to as a “master switch” in people—is the number of vitally important functions with which it assists.

For example, AMPK helps decrease cholesterol and increase fatty acid synthesis in the liver, modulate insulin secretion in the pancreas, decrease lipogenesis and lipolysis in adipocytes (fat cells), and much more.

As a result, it’s thought that boosting AMPK levels in the body can have all kinds of meaningful benefits, such as increased weight loss and improved overall health. How to elevate?

Perhaps the best way to increase AMPK is through muscle stimulation (i.e. exercise), although there is some evidence that other methods, like fasting and time-restricted eating, might boost the presence of this enzyme as well.

What about the specific ingredients found in LA-3? Is there any clinical evidence proving that they’ll boost AMPK levels and deliver on the manufacturer’s promises?

What Ingredients Are Found in LA-3? Are They Effective? What About Side Effects?

LA-3 is formulated with just three nutrients, all of which Live Cell Research tells us are naturally occurring in foods and within the human body:

WebMD lists 30mg daily of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (more commonly known as Jiaogulan) as possibly effective for reducing cholesterol levels, although they don’t expand upon the exact mechanism that helps accomplish this.

LA-3 contains a proprietary version of Gynostemma Pentaphyllum called ActivAMP, manufactured by Gencor Pacific. The company has some solid clinical evidence to support their claims, but much of it was conducted on mice and hasn’t been subjected to peer review.

Quercetin contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory chemicals, so WebMD lists 1,000mg per day as possibly effective for reducing pain and inflammation related to an enlarged prostate.

WebMD indicates that 1,000mg to 1,500mg of berberine daily may help reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes, as well as to reduce total cholesterol.

While we’re told berberine probably won’t result in any side effects, authoritative websites note that Gynostemma Pentaphyllum can lead to nausea and increased bowel movements in rare instances, while quercetin can cause a headache and arm/leg tingling.

Finally, keep in mind that there is some concern that elevated AMPK levels may play a role in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

In a nutshell, what does this mean? Overall, it seems like each of LA-3’s ingredients can provide some real-world benefits.

So, if you (for example) suffer from high cholesterol, an enlarged prostate, and diabetes, it’s not difficult to imagine that these benefits might result in increased energy, improved thinking, and a healthier body.

But authoritative sites like WebMD indicate there isn’t enough clinical evidence to support Live Cell Research’s direct claims.

Nonetheless, how much will you pay for a bottle?

How Much Does LA-3 Cost? How Does This Compare to Other AMPK Supplements?

Live Cell Research has priced LA-3 as follows:

  • 1 Bottle (60 capsules): $46.99
  • 3 Bottles: $117
  • 6 Bottles: $216

Comparatively, you’ll find several other AMPK supplements gracing the marketplace, some with similar formulations as LA-3, while others are completely different. Most appear to range in price between $11 and $40 per bottle, so LA-3 is certainly on the upper end of this spectrum.

All Live Cell Research supplements come with a 90-day money back guarantee, less shipping, which you can request by calling (844)-650-5933 or emailing

Are There Any Reviews for LA-3? What About Live Cell Research?

The only legitimate customer feedback we found for LA-3 was on HighYa, where 20 customers gave the supplement an average rating of 3.9 stars. Most complimented the supplement’s effectiveness (reduced weight/fat, improved energy, decreased hunger).

On the other hand, what few complaints there were referenced no meaningful results and a pungent aftertaste.

As far as the company, Live Cell Research manufactures an entire line of unique supplements, including Niagen, Vital Stem, Cerastim, Midogen, and more.

Again, returning to HighYa (the largest single source of customer reviews for the company we could find), it appears most non-product complaints related to less-than-stellar customer service.

Obviously, it seems most of the company’s customers are pleased with their purchases, so you’re certainly not guaranteed to experience any of the same.

Given what we’ve covered here, is LA-3 by Live Cell Research a valuable use of your money?

Can You Expect LA-3 by Live Cell Research to Act as a “Longevity Activator”?

As we noted at the beginning of this writeup, our goal isn’t to tell you what you should do when it comes to Live Cell Research’s LA-3 supplement. You earned your money, so you get to decide where to spend it.

However, based on what we’re told by authoritative websites like WebMD, it doesn’t appear that LA-3’s ingredients have been clinically proven to boost AMPK levels, or to deliver on the manufacturer’s other claims (increased energy, improved mental clarity, etc.).

On the other hand, authoritative websites tell us there is clinical evidence that these ingredients might provide unrelated benefits. And despite the general lack of support for their claims, LA-3 seems to have a mostly positive customer reputation.

To boot, Live Cell Research offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all their supplements, so you won’t be out more than a few dollars in S&H if you’re dissatisfied and decide to process a return.

Speaking of which: Were you dissatisfied with LA-3, or did it meet (or exceed) your expectations? Add to the conversation below by writing your review!