Knee Angel is a compression sleeve for the knee joint that promises all day relief for tired, achy knees. They tout its Heavenly-7 Compression that has 7 targeted areas from the Lower to Upper Patella that will reduce swelling, improve circulation, and offer continuous comfort and support while walking, running, or sitting. Hallelujah! 

How Knee Angel Works

Knee Angel is a flexible compression garment that comes in small, medium, or large. What they claim makes Knee Angel different from other compression sleeves in the market is what they call Heavenly-7 Compression, which gradually tightens around the knee area, offering 3 levels of relief (they don’t specify the actual levels of compression, usually measured in millimeters of mercury or mmHg). 

To use Knee Angel, they instruct you to slip it around the inflamed knee; they claim the Heavenly-7 will gently compress the area, reducing swelling and increasing flexibility and circulation. They state you can wear Knee Angel day or at night while sleeping as well as underneath your clothing.

When wearing Knee Angel, they promise it will be easier to exercise or keep up with the kids as well as improve comfort while sitting, travelling, or sleeping. 

Knee Angel Cost:

Knee Angel says it’s only $12.99 and if you buy one you get one free. However, the fine print reveals that they charge you $6.99 in shipping and handling, totaling $19.98. And unless you un-check the box, they’ll give you another second Knee Angel as well as a rolling knee massager and charge you another $6.99 in fees. Total: $26.97.

Knee Angel comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but this doesn’t include any of those shipping fees and what it costs you in postage to send back (no, it doesn’t have wings to fly there).

Bottom Line: Is Knee Angel a Scam?

Compression garments have been shown to reduce swelling and improve circulation, and if you’ve ever wrapped up your knee or wrist, it’s something you’ve probably experienced yourself at one time or another. 

We couldn’t find any specific reviews of Knee Angel and there is no information as to who sells it. We can point out that since there is no regulation as to how compression sleeves are labeled, there is no way to verify its Heavenly-7 levels of compression. 

Generally speaking, a compression sleeve like Knee Angel may be helpful for minor swelling and discomfort. As the fine print mentions, you should not use it if you are diabetic, have poor circulation, or open wounds on your knee. A physician may then prescribe you a medical-grade compression sleeve.

We’d also like to let you in on another little secret: in spite of saying Knee Angel is not available in stores, most As Seen On TV products eventually are. They can be found at Target, Walgreens, Wal-Mart or other retailer with an As Seen On TV aisle. If you are interested in Knee Angel, we recommend buying it there as this will save you long shipping times, sneaky shipping fees, and if it’s a piece of crap you can return it without having to deal with lousy customer service. (You’ll also avoid being solicited for other products, as allowed by their privacy policy.)

Let us know your experience with Knee Angel below!

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