Kitty Catch Mat is a foam mat you place under your litter box on that the makers say will catch stray litter pellets as your cat enters and exits. They promise it’s soft and that it will trap and hold litter; to clean it they say to simply sweep, shake, wipe, or vacuum away the mess.

How Kitty Catch Mat Works

Kitty Catch Mat is 24” x 35” and is made of foam with a dimpled surface that they claim is easy on your cat’s paws and will gently remove any litter as they walk across it. To use Kitty Catch Mat, place under the litter box. They state it won’t slip and will protect your floor, be it tile, hardwood, or carpet. Meow!

Kitty Catch Mat Costs You:

$21.98 for one Kitty Catch Mat (grey or tan) and a Kitty Mitt for brushing. This is broken down as $14.99 plus $6.99 shipping. If you would like another “bonus” Kitty Catch Mat at the time of your order, add another $6.99 in fees. Note that the bonus box is selected by default, so if you don’t want 2 you’ve got to uncheck it.

If you or your cat doesn’t like Kitty Catch Mat, you can return it within 30 days for the $14.99 back; however, they’ll keep all fees and you’ve got to pay to ship back.

Our Kitty Catch Mat Reviews: Will It Work?

A cat mat is a good idea for indoor cats and their litter boxes. We couldn’t find any reviews of Kitty Catch Mat, positive or negative. However, we’d like to point out a few other things about this product.

First, it should be mentioned that there is nothing particularly special about Kitty Catch Mat. A quick internet search will find a variety of different cat mats of varying sizes and prices. At 24” x 35” Kitty Catch Mat is on the small side of mats, but this may be good for you if you don’t have a lot of room. However, it may also mean that the cat could possibly jump over the mat and not use it at all.

Second, it’s not machine washable. They promise it can be cleaned with a damp sponge and it won’t absorb odors, but some other mats you can hose down outside.

Third, if you’re a cat owner you know how finicky cats can be. Although they insist your cat will love to put its paws on the mat, some may not like the feel of it. In which case, you will still be out at least $6.99 in S&H even if you return it.

Finally, let us remind you that when you order Kitty Catch Mat, you are giving them permission to solicit you with other products or services via email, telephone, or snail mail. They may also give your personal information to third parties to do the same.

Therefore, we suggest:

  • Do an internet search for other cat mats first to see if there’s one in a size, color, design, and shape that appeals to you more. Also consider one with lots of positive reviews and perhaps a lower price.
  • If you decide you like Kitty Catch Mat, be sure to unsubscribe to future solicitations by emailing web support and unsubscribing via this link.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Kitty Catch Mat – let us know what you think below!