Keyno from Telebrands is a keyless padlock that they claim can be opened using your smartphone. They state you simply download the app to your phone and point it at Keyno; they claim your phone’s unique Bluetooth frequency lets only you unlock it and you’ll never have to remember a combination or carry a key again!

How Keyno Works

Keyno looks like an ordinary padlock, albeit one with a button on its front instead of a combination dial. They don’t mention its dimensions or the thickness of the padlock except to say it’s made from solid, heavy forged steel. 

To use Keyno, they instruct you to download the app to your smartphone – it’s unclear if it works with iPhone or Android devices (we couldn’t find the app in either app store).

Then, use Keyno lock your gate, door, bike, or anywhere you’d use a regular lock. Then, walk away and when it’s time to return, instead of remembering a combination or fishing for your key, they say tap on your app. When you place the phone next to Keyno they claim you’ll hear the “click” of it unlocking.

Keyno Costs:

$26.98, which is listed as $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. At the time of your order you can add another Keyno for $7.99 in fees.

Keyno is said to come with a Lifetime Warranty, but it’s unclear if this covers damage from theft. All Telebrands products have a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any shipping fees (you also have to include a “detailed” explanation as to why you are returning Keyno or they could say “no”).

Bottom Line: Is Keyno a Scam?

The idea of a keyless Bluetooth-enabled lock is pretty cool and Space Age so it’s easy to see why Keyno is so tempting. As of June 2015 Keyno was still so new that Telebrands customer service had no information on the product and there were no customer reviews.

Here’s what we can tell you. First, Keyno appears to be inspired by a keyless lock called NoKē (get it – Key No, No Key) that raised $652,828 in a Kickstarter campaign. Nokē has yet to officially ship (the initial Feb 2015 date was revised to late June 2015). In the meantime, a company called Quicklock seems to have stolen their thunder and already has a slew of padlocks and deadbolts for sale starting at $49.95. Gizmag gave it a pretty good review here

Has Telebrands also scooped Nokē? Quite possibly not. Often, Telebrands will run commercials first to see if there’s a demand and, if so, begin the production process. 

If it does indeed exist, there’s not much that we know about it. For contrast, Quicklock is said to have an internal rechargeable battery that can hold a charge for 2 years and can be unlocked by multiple people as long as they are authorized. They state Quicklock is made from durable die cast zinc alloy. The Quicklock has a 1-year warranty. 

Nokē is said to be made from hardened steel and boron, and promises a 1-year charge. Nokē also claims to have a “jumpstart” feature if the battery dies before you can open it. Nokē has no warranty information. 

Both Quicklock and Nokē seem to have spent thousands of hours in development on their products. 

Telebrands purchases ideas from inventors and then markets them to the masses. Currently, they have a D- from the BBB due to thousands of complaints from customers due to advertising, product issues, or lousy customer service. They are also fighting a lawsuit from the state of New Jersey for violating the state’s Consumer Fraud Act. 

We strongly suggest keeping all this in mind before ordering Keyno.

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