Jivam Skincare is an anti-aging cream that promises “simply beautiful skin” and is “better than Botox” for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. They insist Jivam is an amazing Hollywood secret containing a formula with clinically proven results to increase collagen and reverse aging at a cellular level.

How they Try and Sell You on Jivam Skincare

Jivam Skincare is using a tried and true method of selling their product: pictures of beautiful people, alleged “proof” of scientific results, and a special trial offer to get you to dig out the credit card…

First, we should point out that Jivam Skincare uses a very standard template we’ve seen many beauty companies use (including La Lumieres and BeauDerma) – all they seem to do is switch the name. Below are several of them in this screen capture:

Screenshot of the standard template used by these companies

  The kicker is these products also all use the same ridiculous Before/After pic:

Screenshot of the Before/After picture

If you take a second, you’ll realize this is the EXACT SAME photo merely given a (bad) Photoshop. 

While there is nothing necessarily illegal about renaming or rebranding your product, this is often the tactic of fly-by-night companies who part with your credit card and then disappear. 

Products like Jivam always talk about having a secret or patented formula that has scientifically proven results. Jivam claims studies show it reduced 84% of wrinkles, 95% of women using it had increased collagen, and 73% had a decrease in the appearance of dark circles.  Aside from saying it involved hundreds of women over 8 weeks, we don’t really know who did the study or how it was conducted. (Read our article about how to read a clinical study here.)

The Deets About Jivam Skincare’s Trial Offer

If you’re tempted by the offer and fill in your name, address, and phone number (which they’ll now keep even if you don’t purchase anything) you’ll get to the 14-day trial offer page, where they say they’ll send you a bottle of Jivam for $4.95 shipping.

Here’s the scoop: this 14-days starts from when you ordered Jivam, not when it comes in the mail. Since you never know how long it could take to arrive, this can give you very little time to try the product before they start billing you. 

After these 14-days:

a) you will be billed $89.95 and 

b) you will be enrolled in their auto-ship program, which will cost you $89.95 per month and they’ll send you a new bottle of Jivam until you call 1-888-603-2010 and cancel.

Jivam’s Refund Policy

Jivam claims that if you contact them within the 14 days they won’t bill you anything more or sign you up for auto-ship. Aside from fraudulent orders, Jivam states other returns are at the discretion of the company. 

Jivam also implements a negative option clause, which states you may be liable for future withdrawls if you fail to properly notify them of cancellation.

Jivam’s Privacy Policy and Arbitration Agreement

When you use Jivam’s website and buy their products, you are also agreeing to their privacy policy that allows them to solicit you with other products and services as well as share this information with “affiliates worldwide.” The phone number to opt-out is listed as 1-888-603-2010.

Another important thing to note is that when you buy Jivam, you are also signing their arbitration agreement. This essentially says you agree to not take them to court or join any class action suits against them, instead using a third party to negotiate any disputes.

Bottom Line: Should I Sign Up for the Jivam Skincare 14-Day Trial Offer?


How can we be so certain about this? Let’s go over again what we’ve covered:

  • There is no information as to who this company is, and appears to be using a generic website popular with websites consumers call “scams.”
  • You will have less than 14 days to try it.
  • There is no listing of the ingredients and they provide no actual proof.
  • You will be billed $89.95 per month until you are able to cancel.
  • Refunds are issued at the discretion of the company.

Alternative Anti-Aging Skin Cream Ideas to Jivam Skincare

We hate to be the stain on the wedding gown but the truth is there is no fountain of youth. Yet, as Baby Boomers march on into their senior years, the billion dollar anti-aging industry continues to grow.

There are a few things we can recommend that don’t involve any hidden subscriptions, fancy products, or lousy customer service.

First: reduce sun exposure and wear sunscreen. According to many dermatologists, the sun greatly accelerates the aging process. 

Second: If you smoke, stop. The smoking of cigarettes causes premature wrinkling/aging and in case you haven’t heard is linked to cancer. 

Third: get rid of stress, which can lead to breakouts, wrinkles, and hair loss. Yes, it’s difficult to get rid of stress in this modern world. Look into yoga, meditation, or at least having a few moments without the smartphone. You can also read this article from Highya.

Fourth: exercise, which helps the body regenerate tissue and can also improve your health.

Fifth: Cut out junk food which can cause acne, not to mention obesity.

Sixth: If you use any anti-aging products, buy from established websites and check for reviews on sites like Highya, Amazon, and here at BrightReviews.com

Seventh: Smile! Studies show people who smile appear younger and even a fake smile can relieve stress and make you feel happier.

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Jivam Skin Care. If you see this free trial website template again with a different name, please let us know. You may also want to read: SCAM Alert: Anti-Aging Products and Phony Free Trials!

And let us know what you think of our tips as well as your experience with Jivam below!