Jazzy Jeggings are stretch fabric pants that the manufacturers say look as good as designer jean leggings but at a fraction of the cost. They claim Jazzy Jeggings look just like your favorite jeans but with a soft, stretchy fit that flattens your tummy, slims your legs, and boots your booty.

What Are Jazzy Jeggings?

According to Wikipedia, the term Jeggings is a registered brand name held by a Turkish textile company named ISKO; however due to their huge popularity, the term has become generic and “jeggings” even appears in the Oxford dictionary. Jazzy Jeggings themselves are made by Alpine Net Corporation who has no rating from the BBB. 

Jeggings are essentially stretch pants imprinted with a design made to make them look like skinny jeans. Indeed, Jazzy Jeggings come in Classic Blue Denim and Distressed Blue and Black. 

There are predominantly two kinds of jeggings – ones made from a blend of polyester and spandex with fake pockets and one that is cotton like actual denim jeans, weaved with a stretch fabric and have real pockets (these are sometimes called stretch denim). Jazzy Jeggings seems to be a combination of both: a poly-spandex blend but with real pockets in the front and back. 

Jazzy Jeggings Cost:

Jazzy Jeggings states that it’s $19.99 and if you buy one you get a bonus of 2 other pairs; but the fine print reveals that they charge $7.95 in S&H for the first plus another $7.95 for the bonus pairs making the true total $35.89 (or $11.96 each).

Jazzy Jeggings comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus that $15.90 in fees and what it costs you to send back. There is no warranty for Jazzy Jeggings after 30 days.

When you purchase Jazzy Jeggings you are also signing an arbitration agreement, which means you can’t sue them or join class action lawsuits should your Jazzy Jeggings tear where they shouldn’t and expose you (or any other reason). You may nullify this agreement, but only if you send back the products within 14 days. 

Bottom Line: Will Jazzy Jeggings Cover Your…?

There is no doubt jeggings are popular because they make women both look and feel good but we couldn’t find any reliable reviews or company information on Alpine Net or Jazzy Jeggings.

If you are interested in Jazzy Jeggings, we suggest waiting until they’re available from a retailer like Amazon or Target (these “As Seen On TV” products usually are) that will most likely offer them at a lower cost with less shipping fees.

If you do order them from their website, be sure to give them a full workout right away – if they don’t flatter you or cover you up, try to return them within 14 days. If you do like them, you should still visit their Privacy Policy page to unsubscribe to any unwanted solicitations

Let us know your experience with Jazzy Jeggings below!