Ionic Styler Pro is a purple hair styling brush from Instyler that they claim is 4 tools in 1: it straightens, curls, shines, and adds body. They tout the secret to its usefulness is Ionic Styler Pro can be used open as a flat iron or closed as a round hot brush. Either way, they promise the bristles are cool to the touch and its Dual Ionic Ceramic Technology will get rid of frizz and add bounce.

How Ionic Styler Pro Works

Ionic Styler Pro has a shiny purple handle that has 2 settings and a heated ceramic barrel with ionic bristles that opens to also become a ceramic flat iron. To use Ionic Styler Pro, they instruct you to plug it in and let it heat up, which they say takes 1 minute. 

Then, if you’re trying to get curls or waves, use the closed brush and roll in an S-wrap. If you are straightening, place hair between the flat iron and pull down through hair. Whatever you choose, they insist the ions generated from the ceramic and the bristles will tame your frizz as well as give your hair fullness and bounce giving you sexy locks ready for the runway.

Ionic Styler Pro Cost:

$59.85 – this can be done at once or in 3 payments of $19.95 and both options include free shipping. 

Ionic Styler comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus return shipping. If you decide to pay in full, your Ionic Styler will have a 1-year warranty; otherwise repair or replacement is only available for 30 days.

Bottom Line: Is Ionic Styler Pro a “Hot” Idea?

Ionic Styler seems to be a very popular brush, with positive reviews on a number of shopping websites like Target and Ulta, which praise the device for its ease-of-use and versatility. However, it should be noted that many of these reviews seem to be from people who received Ionic Styler Pro for free.

The Amazon reviews deemed the most helpful, however, complained Ionic Styler Pro was better as a flat iron and didn’t work as good to make long, curly hair. Others wrote that it only had 2 heat settings and didn’t get hot enough, their hair got easily tangled, and the brush wasn’t useful for very curly or afro-type hair. 

The main takeaway seems to be that if you do purchase Ionic Styler Pro, pay for it in full at once. That way, you will be eligible for the 1-year warranty. And if Ionic Styler Pro doesn’t seem to be working with your hair the way you would like it to, contact them immediately to ensure you can get your money back (you’ll still have to pay to ship it back to them).

Let us know your experience with Ionic Styler Pro: did it straighten your hair as promised, or did it leave your locks in a tangled mess?