Instagone Pro is a powdered stain-removing product that comes with its own spray bottle and the manufacturers promise it will instantly remove any stain or mildew without scrubbing. Instagone Pro says it disintegrates stains on contact, kills mold and mildew, and brings outdoor weathered surfaces back to life.

But is Instagone Pro really as good at cleaning stains as they say it is? Let’s take a look at the claims and what actual consumers have to say…

The Instagone Pro Pitch

The infomercial features Pete Chicarelli, who claims Instagone Pro is an improvement of the original Instagone, which he invented 15 years ago; however it is unclear what the difference is between the two products. There are various shots of the Instagone Pro formula being sprayed on a variety of surfaces, including popcorn ceilings, patio furniture, stucco, and moldy tile. In every case, the offending stain or mildew literally disappears before our eyes, but it’s hard to tell if this isn’t just special effects.

How Instagone Pro Works

Instagone Pro is sold in powdered form. To use it, they instruct you to pour into the included spray bottle and fill with warm water. Then, spray on any grimy or water-stained surface. They boast it works instantly and you don’t even have to touch or scrub it.

Instagone Pro Costs…?

$16.99 ($10 plus $6.99 P&H) for 2 packs of Instagone Pro, which they say makes 2 – 24 oz. bottles of solution. However, the option to double your offer for “free” (meaning pay another $6.99 in fees) and add an aerosol version they call Instagone Pro Quickshot ($7.99 more in P&H) is checked by default, so unless you un-check the box, your total will be $31.97 which includes 4 packets, 2 spray bottles, and one can of Quickshot.

Instagone Pro has a 30-day money-back guarantee, minus P&H, which translates to you will only get your initial $10 back and you have to pay to ship the product back.

Bottom Line: Is Instagone Pro a Scam?

This product does not have a very good reputation from reviewers and consumers that have tried and/or purchased it. Basically, many complain Instagone Pro doesn’t work as advertised – you have to at least do some scrubbing or apply it many times to see results; other reviews say the product simply doesn’t work at all.

Some astute chemist-types have also pointed out that it seems to simply be a form of sodium hypochlorite, aka powdered bleach (the actual ingredients list can be found here).

The biggest complaints, however, are the excessive billing and shipping fees charged to consumers who have purchased from the Instagone Pro website and poor customer service when trying to get a refund.

Our suggestion if you are still interested in Instagone Pro after reading this far, is to purchase it from a more reputable online retailer that won’t double your order and offers you an easier return if it doesn’t work.

What do you think? Did you purchase Instagone Pro and did it blast away grime or did it just zap your bank account? Let us know below!