Inject N Clean is a carpet cleaning kit from Product Trend (aka Hampton Direct) that promises to get out pet urine odor that lurks in the carpet pad. Inject N Clean says it does this by letting you poke the spiked nozzle through the carpet, lift it up, and squirt the Sanitizing Deodorizer underneath. 

How Inject N Clean Works

Inject N Clean is an L-shaped needle with an applicator bulb and a bottle of Sanitizing Deodorizer (size unknown). To use Inject N Clean they instruct you to pierce the carpet and lift it up with the base of the “L”. Then, use the bulb to apply the Sanitizing Deodorizer to the carpet pad below.

They claim 80% of the urine odor is locked in the pad and only 20% in the carpet. Therefore, they state the infusion of deodorizer underneath will completely clean and disinfect the area much better than just cleaning on top.

Inject N Clean Cost:

$24.98, which includes a bottle of Stain Remover; if you only want the Inject N Clean and Sanitizing Deodorizer you have to select the bottom button and they will instead charge you $18.98. ($12.99 list price plus $6.99 P&H.)

Inject N Clean comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any P&H and what it costs to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Inject N Clean a Good Idea?

Everybody loves their pets, but not the mess they can make on a carpet. Inject N Clean may help with the problem of smell and stain but there are some things to consider.

First, it says 80% of the odor is trapped in the pad below your carpet, but it is unclear where they get this statistic. Whether or not this is true, if you are constantly letting pet urine soak and dry in your carpeting, you have a bigger problem. This may be remedied by training your dog to use a urine pad, or, for older dogs, perhaps using doggie diapers.

Second, how big are the bottles of Sanitizing Deodorizer and Stain Remover? Customer service had no further information, but they don’t appear to be very large. It’s also unclear if the formula contains enzymes, which is a popular and effective ingredient in most pet stain deodorizers in the marketplace.

Third, we should point out that Product Trend is a pseudonym of Hampton Direct, which has a B- rating from the BBB for over 350 complaints in the last 3 years. The BBB also states “this company has a pattern of complaints concerning advertising, sales, and customer service issues.”

If you are having a problem with pet pee, there are lots of suggestions/remedies on this Reddit thread to get rid of the smell. One of the most important things you want to do is to soak up all the urine as soon as possible with a towel or using a wet vac.

Let us know your experience with Inject N Clean – did it help get rid of the funky smell or was it a waste of your cash?