Infinity Lights are a 30-piece plastic kit that you put together the makers claim creates a unique lampshade or “light art” that adds excitement anywhere you use it. They state Infinity Lights work with a standard light bulb (it includes assembly and cord) or can slipped over an existing lamp and can enhance the mood of any occasion.

But is Infinity Lights really something to glow about? Let’s shine a light on this kit and learn a little more.

The Infinity Lights Pitch

This product seems to be aimed at older children (primarily female) or adults that are interested in doing something “creative” with décor. They tout how easy it is to make colorful shapes they can be used to illuminate weddings, nursery rooms, or dorm rooms. The commercial shows settings dotted with dozens of Infinity Lights in a variety of shapes and colors.

How Infinity Lights Works

Infinity Lights consist of a kit of they claim is made of a light-weight high-quality polypropylene that is weather resistant, heat resistant, and durable. Although they claim your options are “endless,” one order consists of a 30-piece set you can use to make one lamp in 15 different shapes – specific how-to videos and pdfs are on the website.  

Essentially, there are 30 pieces that are roughly in the shape of a Greek pillar that interlock with each other. There is a front and back to each piece as well as a curved and straight edge. Depending on how you lock them together, you can create shapes such as a sphere, oval, cube, seashell, and others listed on the site.

From there, you add the light bulb assembly and hang, or use as a lampshade on an existing light. They claim this is all very easy and can be done in 5 minutes or less. They caution to use only a 40 watt bulb or less and to make sure the bulb doesn’t touch the plastic.

They say Infinity Lights will “add excitement” to places or events such as a party, wedding, the baby’s room, the teenager’s room, or the dorm room. They state there are 9 colors to choose from, and you can mix-and-match pieces from other sets together.

Infinity Lights Will Cost:

$26.90 for one Infinity Light (final dimensions unknown) listed as $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping/handling. Infinity Lights promise a 60-day money-back guarantee minus S&H; however, the fine print notes that the item must be return “unused.”

Bottom Line: Is Infinity Lights a Scam?

This product may indeed create a unique-looking, colorful lamp; however, we’d like to point out:

  • Assembly is required.
  • There are a maximum of 15 different shapes.
  • They don’t say how big the “light art” is when assembled.
  • You only get one Infinity Light per order.
  • To have as many Infinity Lights as they show in some of the events on the commercial would be very expensive.
  • As Seen On TV products such as Infinity Lights sometimes promise more than they deliver.
  • You cannot return opened product.
  • Their privacy policy allows them to give your information to third parties or contact you via telephone calls, emails, or snail mail about other products or services.

We think you should keep these in mind before your purchase. Let us know what you think below!