Idol Lash is a type of cream you apply to your eyelashes that they state is clinically proven to increase eyelash length and density. They explain Idol Lash contains all natural ingredients, is completely safe to use, and if you apply it regularly you’ll have long, thick, beautiful eyelashes and see visible effects in only 28 days.

Tell Me a Little Bit About Eyelashes

Ok, since you asked, your eyelashes serve a very important purpose (aside from making you look pretty): they are there to protect your eyes from dust or debris as well as act as sensors, much like a cat’s whiskers. They are very sensitive but the main physical difference between eyelashes and other hair on your body is its short life cycle of 30-45 days. There are four stages: growth, resting, shedding, and then regrowth. 

It’s perfectly natural to lose eyelashes, but if you are losing them in clumps you should see your doctor.

Eyelash fetish has been around for centuries, and long healthy lashes in many cultures are a sign of femininity and fertility. The ancient Egyptians used a clay called Kohl to enhance them; however, Kohl contained lead sulfide, a substance which has been banned from cosmetic use in the US.

What is in Idol Lash?

Idol Lash boasts it contains 3 main ingredients to give you celebrity eyelashes. 

Kelp Extract: They state it contains laminaria angustata, a Japanese seaweed said to be high in iodine, calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and D. We couldn’t find any specific studies that cited it as a hair growth stimulator.

Honey Extract: Said to protect against dry and damaging weather and keep it soft and silky. Again, we couldn’t find any specific studies to back up this claim, but honey is often mentioned as an eyelash enhancer on many natural beauty/health websites (here’s a site that recommends mixing it with bird poop). 

Nettle Extract: They tout this as the “backbone” of the Idol Lash recipe stating it strengthens hair and stimulates growth at the root. Stinging nettle leaf has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years for hair loss and dozens of other ailments and there is some evidence taking it orally will help with an enlarged prostate. Again, we could find no specific studies to show it helped regrow eyelashes. We did find one excited young blogger who started her own nettle eyelash experiment. She reported noticing a small difference in their length after 17 days but she also noted her eyes were irritated every morning (we say: that’s why they’re called “stinging nettles!”) 

Conclusion: the ingredients themselves don’t have any proof they enhance eyelash growth. The honey may make them appear thicker but the nettle could irritate your eyes. 

What Idol Lash Provides as Clinical Proof

In spite of the lack of conclusive evidence any individual ingredients work, Idol Lash claims it conducted a “double-blind placebo controlled study by an independent third party” which is indeed the standard for unbiased testing. (Read more about how to read a clinical study here.)

Unfortunately, they don’t provide the actual clinical test nor name of the independent lab that conducted it but let’s take them at their word for it and look at some of the data they provide.

What they tell us is there were 15 subjects aged 24-82 who after 14-28 days showed a 25% increase in eyelash length and 82% increase in thickness.

Let’s break this down. First, there were just 15 people, a pretty small number. Second, they were from a very wide age range of people, which could affect the results. Finally, the main increase (82%) was in thickness – could this have been the honey extract?

What Will Idol Lash Cost Me?

Idol Lash attempts to “lash” you in with a 16-day trial offer for $5.99 shipping which they state has no obligations and you can cancel at any time. We spoke to a customer service representative who told us this 16 days is from the date of order, not when Idol Lash comes in the mail.

If you don’t like Idol Lash you need to call (818) 303-9260 before the 16 days to cancel. If you do nothing, the website says you will be billed a membership fee of $149.95 (customer service told us $180) and then every month you will be sent more Idol Lash and billed $19.95.

There is more conflicting information on the website vs. what customer service had to say: the website says you need to return unopened, unused bottles while customer service said as long as you called before the trial was up you could keep them and pay nothing.

The website also states that if you are enrolled in a monthly shipment program and you don’t follow their cancellation procedure the company (Santrinico Enterprises) may seek collection through a third party and charge you an additional $20 collection fee.

Bottom Line: Is Lash Idol a Good Way to Have Long, Sexy Lashes?

As we discussed, long beautiful eyelashes have been an obsession for thousands of years so it’s easy to understand the temptation of a product like Idol Lash. But we’d like to summarize what we have found out:

  • First, the ingredients themselves don’t have any proven studies that show they help to regrow eyelashes. 
  • They cite one study that is supposedly unbiased but provide no real information about it. 
  • There is honey in the product, which may cause lashes to appear thicker.
  • There is also nettle, which may cause your eyes to get irritated.

Remember also, their trial offer lasts only 16 days from order, after which you could be charged anywhere from $149.95 to $180 and enrolled in an auto-ship program. Since shipping times for these types of products are not guaranteed this could affect your ability to receive the product and cancel in time without being charged.

Also, remember the bit we mentioned about being charged $20 and sent to a collection agency? We looked up Santrinico Enterprises on the web and not only found numerous consumer complaints but discovered they also own a company called Collect Pros, a collection agency that has an F rating from the BBB and was issued a cease and desist order on May 28, 2015 to stop doing business in the state of Nevada. 

Simple Ways to Get Long Eyelashes

If you are looking for long, lusty lashes, fear not. Aside from mascara, fake eyelashes, or eyelash weaves, there are some natural ways to enhance your eyelashes. First, stop rubbing or pulling them, as that can cause them to fall out and remove mascara nightly. 

According to Livestrong, your eyelash growth rate is predetermined by genetics, but a diet of nutrients like vitamin B-3, C, E, H, and calcium can help. WebMD adds using simple moisturizers like Vaseline or Aquaphor at night can help condition them and stop breakage. 

Medications to Increase Eyelash Length

There actually is a prescription medication called Latisse that was initially prescribed for glaucoma but they found it also regrew eyelashes. The Mayo Clinic reports that a study showed Latisse helped 40% of participants with moderate regrowth in eyelashes lost due to alopecia areata; however, they note these studies aren’t conclusive. 

Latisse must also be administered every day for 2 months before you see any difference and once you stop, the eyelashes will return to their normal state. In addition, there are side effects like itchy eyes, darkened eyelids, hair growth around the eyes, and your iris could change color permanently.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a bit of science. Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology studied 22 species and found out the optimal length of a lash was 1/3 of their eye’s width. They discovered through testing synthetic eyelashes if the lashes are any longer than that ratio, they prevent the eye from getting moist and actually encouraged dust buildup. Take that, Katy Perry!

Let us know your experience with Lash Idol below! 

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