Ice Cream Express is an ice cream maker that touts you will have delicious frozen desserts in less than 2 minutes. There is no churning needed – they claim all you do is pour the ice cream mix in the pre-frozen tray, mix with the paddles, and… yum!

But is this so-called ice cream maker really “cool?” Let’s take a closer look.

The Ice Cream Express Pitch

This product is targeted at moms and dads who are looking to add some “pizzazz” to events like dessert or birthday celebrations. They try and sell you on how easy it is to use, how much fun you will have, and how much your kids will enjoy the resulting ice cream. They also try to appeal to those parents looking to control the amount of sweets in their family’s life by implying you can use less sugar and more fruits for a healthier snack.

How Ice Cream Express Works

Ice Cream Express consists of a tray (size unknown) with a non-stick surface (materials not disclosed) along with 2 paddles; with your purchase you also get a Nut & Candy Crusher and Recipe Book.

Although they state you can make ice cream in less than 2 minutes, it should be pointed out that you have to freeze the tray first. Once it is frozen, then you add your favorite ingredients and mix with the paddles. Faster than you can say “Ben & Jerry’s” they claim you will have ice cream ready to cover in candy or crushed nuts and serve.

Why Ice Cream Express Works

The manufacturers call it “Polar Freeze Technology” which is basically a fancy way of saying “freezing.” We’re not rocket scientists, but by watching the commercial and using our common sense, we can see the cold surface will freeze the cream, so long as it is only poured in a thin layer. So you may have “ice cream” in 2 minutes but since they don’t disclose the size of the Ice Cream Express, we can’t say how much.

Ice Cream Express Costs:

$39.97 – sorry if we made you spit out your spumoni. This is broken down into $19.99 plus $9.99 S&H for the tray, paddles, and recipe book and then another $9.99 in fees for the candy/nut crusher, which is not optional.

You can try Ice Cream Express for 30 days. If you can’t create wonderful gelato in seconds as they advertise, return for a refund on the $19.99 but they’ll keep the rest (and you’ve got to pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Ice Cream Express a Scam?

This “no churn” ice cream maker sounds promising, but does it really do anything special for the almost $40 price? We suggest making this recipe for no churn vanilla using an ordinary container first and then think about whether you really need this product or not.

Tell us what you think! Did you purchase Ice Cream Express and did it make desserts as promised or did it “desert” you in time of need? Let us know!