Hydro Blast PRO is a water flossing device that the manufacturer claims will eliminate 99/9% of plaque in seconds and is clinically proven to be 2 times as effective as string flossing. They state Hydro Blast PRO is cordless, has 2 settings for comfort, and won’t make your gums bleed.

How Hydro Blast PRO Works

Hydro Blast PRO is a water flosser (aka an oral irrigator) that blasts teeth using a thin stream of pulsing water. To use Hydro Blast, fill with H2O, choose one of 2 settings, and then spray across your teeth and gums. They claim it shoots 1600 bursts per minute and just one minute a day will whiten teeth, freshen breath, remove bacteria, and clean away food and debris where string floss can’t reach.

Is Hydro Blast PRO a Substitute for Flossing?

Ah, the million dollar question, because everybody hates to floss! Will using Hydro Blast, or any other water floss device replace the stringy, waxy old way to floss? The most popular water floss in the marketplace is Waterpik, which cites several clinical studies that back their claims that it’s 51% more effective for reducing gingivitis, 2x as effective as reducing gingival bleeding, and 29% more effective removing plaque than regular string floss. However, it should be noted that many of these studies were paid for by Waterpik. (Hydro Blast PRO cites no specific studies but makes similar claims.)

But what do actual dentists say? While Waterpik/oral irrigation systems certainly have their proponents, many dentists feel that it simply isn’t as good as flossing the old way. However, there are many positives to using a water floss: it can be easier and less painful, it’s great for people with braces, and a good choice for those with less nimble fingers.

The general consensus seems to be: it’s certainly better than not flossing, and, in a perfect world, people would brush, floss, and use an oral irrigator. Why not ask your dentist what they think?

Hydro Blast PRO Costs:

$37.85 for 2 Hydro Blasts. This is pitched as $19.95 plus $8.95 in shipping/handling for the first one, and even though they say the second Hydro Blast PRO is free, they charge you another $8.95 in handling.

This means that even if you return Hydro Blast PRO within the 30-day money back guarantee period, they will keep $17.90 (and you have to pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Hydro Blast PRO a Good Idea?

As we mentioned, oral irrigation is certainly a good idea, but for most people it should be considered a compliment, not a substitute for string flossing. Hydro Blast PRO sounds like a tempting/promising product, but we feel we should point out a few things.

It doesn’t say what kind of water pressure it has (PSI) which is important both for comfort and cleaning power – for comparison the Waterpik says it can adjust between 5-90 PSI. It also doesn’t say what type of battery Hydro Blast PRO uses or how long the charge lasts. There is also no warranty information.

When we tried to clarify the above info by calling the provided customer service number, we were routed to a generic message saying items are on back order and to call back the week of September for an update (we called in December).

If you are interested in Hydro Blast PRO, we suggest at calling 877-300-5499 first to see if they’ve updated their message and/or you can talk to a real person to get answers to the above questions.

You might also want to read: How To Floss. And let us know what you think of Hydro Blast PRO – is it as good as flossing or not?