Hurricane Twin Spin Mop says it’s a new product from the makers of the Hurricane 360. Basically it’s a mop with a round, swiveling head and a bucket with a spinning centrifuge. They claim it’s smaller, lighter, and spins faster than the Hurricane 360, but it seems to us to be the same basic product, repackaged.

Hurricane Twin Spin Mop (and its sibling the Hurricane 360) are both sold by Telebrands. If you don’t know the name, you’ve surely seen their gimmicky products, including this one, on TV. (In fact they’re the geniuses that came up with the “As Seen On TV” logo.)

The Hurricane Twin Spin Mop Pitch

They claim that this “new” product is lighter, more compact, and spins twice as fast than the Hurricane 360. The infomercial shows the mop rolling across floors and bathroom tile, then being cleaned instantly with a few pumps on the centrifuge. They boast this does twice the work at half the cost of the original.

How Hurricane Twin Spin Mop Works

The difference between this and the Hurricane 360 seems to be in the size of the bucket as well as its spinning mechanism. The Hurricane Twin Spin Mop’s centrifuge seems to be activated by pushing down with the mop while the Hurricane 360 has a foot pump.

Basically, they both work the same: you mop with the round mop head, which turns as you push it, collecting dirt and debris in its microfiber web. When it is full, dunk in the bucket side and then place in the centrifuge. Whether you pump with your foot or with the mop handle, they claim the spinning unit will both clean and dry your mop making it ready for its next application.

Each Hurricane Twin Spin Mop Order includes:

  • Hurricane Twin Spin Mop
  • Washer/Dryer Bucket
  • Sticky buddy hair/lint remover
  • 10 year guarantee

How much does the Hurricane Twin Spin Mop Cost?

$27.98 ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H). They state this is half the price of the Hurricane 360. You have 30 days to try your Hurricane Twin Spin Mop; if it doesn’t work as promised, you can return for your money back (minus S&H) so long as you pay to ship it back and include a written explanation. Otherwise, they could refuse your request. They promise a 10-year warranty on this product, even if you break it (but again you must pay to ship it back).

Bottom Line: Is Hurricane Twin Spin Mop a Scam?

This doesn’t seem so much a “new and improved” product, rather a re-branding of the standard Hurricane 360. There were earlier complaints by consumers purchasing the Hurricane 360 that they were “baited and switched” into purchasing the more expensive Deluxe Model (aka the one with the foot pump). Now, they seem to have “spun” this off into its own product, supposedly half the size and weight (meaning flimsier, without the foot pump, and it holds less water) than the pedal-powered Hurricane 360. To tempt you, they cut the price in half. But we have a feeling that the same problems will persist: namely, many consumers said the sticky mop head was hard to remove, impossible to clean, the spinning mechanism didn’t work as advertised, it broke easily, and they were subject to suspicious billing and poor customer service. We appreciate the 10-year warranty, but our experience with Telebrands products tells us this should still probably be avoided. In spite of these warnings, if you still really want the Hurricane Twin Spin Mop, wait until it’s available from Amazon, Walgreens, or the like where it will be cheaper and easier to return.