Hot Shaper from Tristar Products are a new “waist training” product that they state is made from Neotex and will make you sweat more while you work out so you burn more calories. Hot Shaper says it can be used by men or women instantly making you look 2 sizes slimmer while increasing your body temperature, which will let you burn nearly 2x more calories during your workout.

What is a Waist Trainer and Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

Waist trainers are a hot new fad started by Kim Kardashian, who became “obsessed” with wearing these compression garments around her midsection during workouts. Since she first posted a picture on Instagram, a new “fitness” craze was born.

But there’s really nothing new about waist training – the basic concept of compressing the waist to make it look more shapely goes back at least to the 1600s in the form of the corset. (You can read our article about waist trainers here.) 

What seems to be new-ish about waist training is the concept that wearing it while working out will increase sweating or body heat, which results in more weight loss. However, there are three problems with this: first, while you may indeed sweat more with a waist trainer, it is just water that will come back as soon as you re-hydrate. “When you sweat, you’re shedding water weight, and that’s not fat,” said personal trainer Francine Delgado in an article about waist training for the Daily Burn. 

Second: so-called spot reduction is a myth – you cannot target a certain area of the body for weight loss. When we burn fat, we get it from all over the body, not just the area being exercised. A famous study in 1971 conducted by researchers at Yale showed that tennis players had nearly the same layer of fat on each arm. 

Third: increasing body heat does not lead to an increased metabolic rate. Consumer Reports tested the claim of a similar product called the Belly Burner. They checked the metabolic rate of joggers with or without the device and found no difference in the amount of calories they burned.

Conclusion: waist trainers may indeed make you look more shapely, albeit temporarily, but they do not actually affect or speed up the weight loss process. (We’ll talk more of the DANGERS down below…)

The Hot Shaper Pitch to Get You To Try Their Product

In spite of the information we mentioned above, Hot Shaper states that 87% of their users burned more calories (although they fail to share how they came up with this statistic). Hot Shaper touts its use of a Neotex layer that they say heats the body up to increase sweating while the outer layer keeps you cool and dry.

Hot Shaper also has images of already-buff models wearing it at the gym, as well as Before/After pictures – one of which who clearly are sucking in his gut and standing straighter.

A screenshot from Hot Shaper's website
​Hot Shaper's Before/After pictures.

Hot Shaper touts it can be worn under the clothes all day and no one will know you are wearing it. 

Finally, they offer you a “buy one get one” to tempt you to click ORDER…

What is Hot Shaper Going to Charge Me?

The default order for 2 Hot Shapers (sizes S-4X) is one black and one nude for $35.97, which they state can be worn by either sex (this is listed as $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H per belt). If you would like just 1 black, you need to switch the radio button and they will charge you $27.98.

Hot Shaper comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, minus the shipping and handling charges, which means you will only get back your initial $19.99 and not any of the shipping fees.

Bottom Line: Is Hot Shaper a “Hot” Way to Shape My Waist?

Our job at BrightReviews is to give an honest opinion on products free from marketing hype. Here’s how we feel about waist trainers: it’s OK to wear them for very short periods of time (perhaps under your cocktail dress or for a job interview). The constriction may indeed make you stand up straight, give you a little confidence, and perhaps remind you to eat a little less.

BUT wearing a waist trainer while exercising in an attempt to raise the metabolism or “train” your stomach to be flatter simply is not backed up by scientific research. In fact, some studies have shown that making the body colder causes us to shiver and start burning so-called brown fat, which can lead to an extra 100 or 200 calories loss. (However, it is still not advised to turn the thermostat lower to lose weight.)

AND wearing a waist trainer can be dangerous: they can restrict your movement and ability to take a deep breath, which at the very least can prevent a serious workout but in worse-case scenarios cause you to pass out. Other problems include acid reflux, indigestion, and back acne (yecchh!)

Conclusions: If you do buy Hot Shaper only wear to increase confidence, not during workouts to lose weight. 

Reviews of Hot Shapers

Hot Shapers averages 3 stars on Amazon, with 39% of the reviews being 1-star. Many complain that it is expensive (listing there at $45) or it just plain “sucks.” Some that love Hot Shapers state it fits well and helps them eat less portions.  

We also noticed that the Hot Belt order page lists the product as Genie Hour Glass, another waist trainer also sold by Tristar Products. Over at our sister publication Highya, the product gets low ratings, the biggest complaint being long shipping times

Final conclusions: if you are interested in Hot Shapers or other waist trainers, purchase from your local CVS or other retailer where there won’t be a wait. NEVER wear a waist trainer for long periods of time or while working out. If it makes you dizzy, take it off!

Let us know your experience with Hot Shapers below!