Hot Locks Styler from Tri-Star products is a round heated styling brush that touts its tourmaline finish and top-quality nylon teeth will give you the body, shine, and volume you desire. They promise you can turn your hair from bland to beautiful in just 3 minutes, it works on all hair types, and replaces your curler, blow dryer, straightener, and round brush.

How Hot Locks Styler Works

Hot Locks Styler is a round brush with 2 heat settings and coated with what they claim is an exclusive black tourmaline blend. Combined with the ceramic heat from the barrel, they insist Hot Locks Styler will reduce frizz and add body to your hair. 

To use Hot Locks Styler, just plug it in and let it heat up; they state it has 2 settings for extra control and goes up to 400º. Then, they claim you can use it to curl, straighten, or add bounce. They promise that the handle will stay cool to the touch as you use it and includes an auto shut-off for safety. 

Hot Locks Styler Costs:

The default is for 2 Hot Locks Stylers and 2 travel bags for $35.97, billed as $19.99 plus $7.95 handling for each brush. If you want just one Hot Locks Styler, you have to switch the radio box to “No” and your cost will then be $27.98. 

There is no money back guarantee policy on the website but there is a 60-day limited warranty that covers defects but not normal wear and tear. In addition, they will only replace Hot Locks Styler if you pay an additional $24.99 in shipping and handling fees.

Bottom Line: Is Hot Locks Styler a Scam?

Having a good, reliable styling brush is important, so it’s easy to see why Hot Locks Styler might be appealing. But there are a few things we’d like to point out.

First – there doesn’t seem to be a money back guarantee (we called customer service and they had no further info on the product) and if you get it and it’s defective, it appears that you have to pay $24.99 – more than the product itself – to get it replaced!

When looking for a styling brush, a ceramic brush combined or coated in black tourmaline is indeed a great idea for adding body and getting rid of frizz. But the ceramic and tourmaline found on inexpensive brushes like Hot Locks Styler is usually just a spray on coating over metal. 

This makes Hot Locks Styler much cheaper to make (and buy) but it’s not as effective or long lasting as pure ceramic or ones with ceramic plates. Naturally, those types of brushes are more expensive, but last longer.

Also, you have to consider your hair: is it straight or curly? Long or short? Hot Locks Styler only comes with one brush, while others have more options with several brush heads. In addition, 2 settings may not give you enough control over the temperature.

Finally, remember, this is an “As Seen On TV” product, which often tend to hype their benefits and leave customers disappointed. Tristar Products has an A- from the BBB, but they have received almost 1000 complaints in the last 3 years (as of 2015), over half of which are problems with their products.

Before settling on Hot Locks Styler, we suggest you shop and compare heated ceramic brushes based on the information above. 

Let us know your experience with Hot Locks Styler!

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