Whether you need a new pair of oven mitts or are looking to step up your grilling game, Hot Hands is a versatile pair of silicone gloves that can be used for everything from taking a hot pan out of the oven, to picking up food directly from the grill. You can even pluck corncobs from boiling water!

Hot Hands also features raised grippers on each side that can repel heat away from your hands, as well as a “versatile precision grip” that allows you to pick up items as small as a pin. And unlike traditional cloth mitts, Hot Hands can be rinsed off or tossed in the dishwasher once you’re done.

But is Hot Hands really everything it’s cracked up to be, or will it just have leave you hot under the collar? We’ll help you find answers in less time than it takes to make a grilled cheese sandwich.

Is Hot Hands Just Rubber Gloves in Disguise?

You know those rubber gloves you use when it’s time to scrub the shower? Ever thought about using them for cooking? Probably not, right?

Well, don’t worry, because Hot Hands is nothing of the sort (although they certainly look the part!). Instead, they’re made of thicker silicone, a material that won’t melt until reaching 500 degrees

And because silicone is waterproof, Hot Hands might be more versatile than your current oven mitt. Why? Because you’ll be able to reach into boiling water (for a lobster, let’s say) or pick up a steak directly from the pan, rinse Hot Hands with water, and put them in a drawer for later use.

Let’s be honest, though. Even though Hot Hands might not melt until 500 degrees, your hand will become extremely painful long before. So the more important question might be: How well will Hot Hands repel heat?

Hot Hands Commands the Heat … Away!

Another of Hot Hands’ (claimed) superpowers is its ability to repel heat. Specifically, its “raised grippers that safely repel heat away from hands.”

But the grippers on Hot Hands are made from the exact same material (silicone) as the rest of the glove, and there’s nothing about its raised surface that would necessarily repel heat. So, in our opinion, we think this claim is nothing but marketing hype, and that Hot Hands won’t protect better than any other silicone cooking gloves (we’ll come back to this at the end).

Bright Tip: On the other hand, some raised surfaces can improve airflow underneath, and help keep temperatures down. But Hot Hands’ grips don’t appear to be raised high enough to accomplish this.

That’s not our only concern though. Despite what the company claims, we think Hot Hands could made picking stuff up a pain, just like you current mitt.

Will You Get “Dead Hands” with Hot Hands?

How many times have you struggled to pick up a fork or knife with an oven mitt? Alone, the fact that Hot Hands provides you heat protection, while allowing you to pick up a small pin, might be worth the purchase. Will it, though?

When checking out on the Hot hands website (more next), no size selection was available. In other words, Hot Hands appears to be one-size-fits-all. And just like no single shirt size will fit everyone on the planet, you might find that Hot Hands is too big, leaves far too much room at the fingertip, and deadens any sensation. 

In the end, you could find that you can’t pick up anything better with Hot Hands than with your old mitt, which in our opinion, is definitely something worth keeping in mind. What about price?

Get Double the Hot Hands For More Than Twice the Price!

Think Hot Hands will only cost you $10? Think again. Because you’ll have to pay $6.99 for S&H, and you’ll be forced to purchase a second “free” pair of Hot Hands for an additional $6.99 S&H. New total? $23.98!

Sure, you’ll get 30 days to return Hot Hands, but you’ll lose all the S&H charges.

Given this, is it worth giving Hot Hands a fair shake?

Bottom Line: Will You Be Grasping At Straws with Hot Hands?

To be honest, we think Hot Hands is a great concept. The most successful products are usually ones that improve on existing, popular ones. And since oven mitts have been largely unchanged for decades, they’re long overdue for a revolution.

But have you found it with Hot Hands? In addition to all of the concerns above, there’s one last thing you should know: They’re basically identical to these AYL Silicone Gloves on Amazon. And although they have an average rating of 4.5 stars, one of the biggest complaints is that you’ll quickly burn your hands if holding something hot longer than 5-10 seconds (everyone has a different pain tolerance). 

So, while Hot Hands might be more versatile than standard oven mitts, they don’t appear to be as heat resistant. But as long as you approach your purchase with this key fact in mind, you just might be satisfied with Hot Hands.

Just remember: If you’re on the fence, you might want to check out alternatives, because you could lose upwards of $20 just for giving Hot Hands a try!