Hot Fusion Brush is a hairbrush sold by Tristar that they claim will tame frizz, amp up volume, and make your hair shinier. They state it is made with tangle-free nylon bristles and a black tourmaline blend on its face that heats up to 400 degrees while still remaining cool to the touch. 

How Hot Fusion Brush Works

Hot Fusion Brush is a flat brush and said to contain a blend of black tourmaline and ceramic. A ceramic/tourmaline blend is considered superior for hot styling brushes, because it dries hair faster and tourmaline produces more negative ions, which reduce frizz. (In the Middle Ages, Black Tourmaline was believed to have magical or healing powers; however, Hot Fusion Brush does not make any specific claims regarding this.)

To use Hot Fusion Brush plug it in and start brushing your wet, frizzy, limp hair; you can adjust the temperature with the slider on the handle. Minutes later, they insist you will have gone from “Frizz to Fabulous.”

Hot Fusion Brush Will Cost You:

$19.99 which includes free shipping. You have 60 days to try Hot Fusion Brush and if you don’t like the way it works with your locks, send it back for a refund (you have to pay to ship it back to them).

Hot Fusion Brush also comes with a 90-day exchange, but again you have to pay to ship it back to them. 

Bottom Line: Is Hot Fusion Brush a “Burn?”

For women looking for a new brush to style their hair, this looks like a promising product. 


  • Tourmaline/ceramic blend
  • Free shipping
  • 60-day money back
  • 90-day warranty. 

We’d just like to point out a couple of things:

First, remember this is a flat, not a round brush, so you can’t use it for curling. Second, since ceramic plates and pure tourmaline are expensive, this is most likely a ceramic/tourmaline coating, which may have a shorter life span. (The company behind Hot Fusion Brush, Tristar Products has a B- rating from the BBB due to over 900 complaints in the last 3 years, more than half of which were problems with products/services.)

Finally, we’d like to point out Tristar’s Privacy Policy which gives them permission to use your name, phone, email, and snail mail address to solicit you with other products as well as give your information to “reputable” third parties to do the same. You may opt out by sending an email to: 

Let us know your decision – did you buy Hot Fusion Brush and was it as awesome as they promised, or did it leave you flat, frizzed, and/or frazzled?