Hot Belt from TriStar products is a piece of material you wrap around your waist that they claim increases the heat around your gut, causing you to sweat, thereby helping you lose weight. They add the cool part about Hot Belt is that its outer layer absorbs the sweat so you can shed pounds while working out, or under your clothes at work, or even while surfing the internet.

How Hot Belt Works

Hot Belt is said to be made from Neotex “intelligent” fibers that increase your body heat the second you put it on. Hot Belt then claims to mold to your body and they promise as you sweat, you will lose weight, burning up to 87% more calories. They promise Hot Belt’s exterior will soak up all that nasty perspiration, so you will look and feel cool even if you are wearing under your shirt at work.

Will Sweating Around My Belly Help Me Lose Weight?

The short answer: no. The longer explanation: sweat is a byproduct of exercise (or fear) – it’s the body’s cooling mechanism. Some people sweat more than others, so it’s not necessarily an indicator of a good workout. If you do lose any weight from sweat, it’s just water weight, which will come right back next time you have a glass. 

PS: spot reduction (meaning focusing on one area of the body to lose weight) is also a myth. Learn more here: Does Being Soaked in Sweat Mean You’ve Burned More Calories? (Women’s Health)

Hot Belt Will Cost You:

$27.98 for one black Hot Belt ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H); however, the default option is BOGO, meaning they’ll toss in a nude Hot Belt for an additional $7.99 in fees. Unless you switch the radio box to “No” you will pay $35.97 and get 2.

Hot Belt does come with a 60-day money back guarantee, but remember this only means your $19.99 back and not any of the extra fees. 

Bottom Line: Is Hot Belt Hot or NOT?

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t sweat away the pounds around your belly with a belt; you need to also have a proper diet and regular exercise. Even Hot Belt essentially admits this on their Before and After page where it says: “Hot Belt users followed Hot Belt reduced calorie eating plan and did a cardio workout regularly.”

Also, Consumer Reports did a test of a similar product called the Belly Burner, using a metabolic analyzer to gauge the amount of calories burned by joggers wearing the wrap vs. those that didn’t. They found the Belly Burner essentially made no difference in the amount of calories burned.

Our advice is to watch what you eat and try and get at least a 10-minute cardio workout a day. If you are an excessive sweater, Hot Belt may help to soak up the perspiration, but it won’t aid in your weight loss. However, it could be helpful in uncomfortable situations, like your next board meeting or a first date. 

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