Hollywood Jeenz says it’s a slimming, custom-conforming jean made from real denim. They promise no more sagging, ill-fitting jeans that don’t flatter your figure. They say you’ll not only look hot but also feel sexy!

Hollywood Jeez is another product from Inventel. They are a direct marketing company that say they stand behind their products and always put them through “rigorous testing” before release. (For some reason, the Better Business Bureau thinks Inventel is out of business and has no information or rating.)

How Hollywood Jeanz Work

Hollywood Jeanz are a pair of stretch pants with faux front zipper-and-pockets. They boast they are real denim made from 75% cotton, 23% polyester, and 2% spandex. Denim is defined as cotton twill-weaved in a diagonal shape; the spandex adds stretch to its properties.

Hollywood Jeanz comes in 6 colors: indigo, medium wash, red, turquoise, black, and white and are designed look a pair of stylish jeans. What they say makes Hollywood Jeanz different is its 4-way stretch denim molds to your body as if it were tailor-made, making you feel younger and look slimmer instantly.

Hollywood Jeanz comes in 7 sizes, explained in a sizing chart. They tout they fit any shape or size and are perfect for full-figured women. They claim it will get rid of back gap, “muffin top,” and bulging zippers. They add when you put on a pair, the faux zipper will lift and shape your butt.

Hollywood Jeanz Pricing and Returns

Hollywood Jeanz is sold as 2-for-1 for $79.98. This is divided into 2 “easy” payments of $39.98, plus $9.95 shipping for a total of $89.93. The website informs you that you can “upgrade” to include a “slimming” Color Block Peplum Top and you will get free S&H for the entire order, but they do not disclose the final price. (A call to the toll-free number offered no further information unless provided with a credit card number; we declined.)

Hollywood Jeanz is backed by a 30-day guarantee, minus shipping, handling, and return postage.

Bottom Line: Is Hollywood Jeanz a Scam?

Hollywood Jeanz may indeed stretch-and-fit, but we wonder for how long after the 30-day guarantee? (Stretch denim, because of the spandex weave, usually doesn’t last as long as regular denim.)

That’s not to say Hollywood Jeanz are in-fact poorly made. We do take issue, however, with a seeming lack of customer support (just a voicemail at Inventel) and we wonder why they haven’t been in contact with the BBB to say they are indeed still in business?

In addition, even though they don’t disclose the final price of your “upgrade” until after you’ve placed your order, they expect you to give up all your privacy rights. A peek at their privacy policy page shows they can solicit you via email, snail mail, and phone, as well as “from time to time” give your info to “reputable organizations.”

Because of all these factors, you may want to think about waiting to buy Hollywood Jeanz when they become available from a more familiar online retailer. That way, if these “jeanz” don’t flatter you the way you want them to, you are guaranteed a hassle-free return.