Hoku Eye Serum is a beauty product that claims to boost collagen and make you look years younger. They promise Hoku Eye Serum contains a unique formulation that has been clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten skin that is sagging. They add if you use Hoku Eye Serum 2 times a day you will quickly see results. 

The Hoku Eye Serum Pitch

Hoku Eye Serum tries to hook you with the promise of making you look younger by getting rid of wrinkles around your eyes. They list a bunch of ingredients including Agireline, which they call an alternative to Botox that gives a 50-90% reduction in visible lines and wrinkles, but they cite no specific evidence to back this up. 

We were able to find one study conducted in Spain that showed Agireline showed promise as an anti-wrinkle agent, but it was funded by Lipotec, a cosmetics maker. There have been no independent, double blind clinical trials of Agireline or any other ingredient on Hoku Eye Serum’s list.

Depending on which website you ordered from, they may offer you a trial bottle of Hoku Eye Serum, which has a lot of strings attached (see below)…

Hoku Eye Serum Costs:

If you go for the trial offer, you may think you’re only paying $3.95 for a 30-day supply of Hoku Eye Serum, but the Terms and Conditions state you will be billed after 14 days of order $97.41 and enrolled in an auto-ship program where you are sent more and billed $97.41 every month until you call to cancel.

In addition, it appears like there aren’t any refunds for any products listed as “Final Sale” and there are no exchanges.

Bottom Line: Is Hoku Eye Serum a Scam?

We don’t like the look of this Eye Serum. The claims made by this product are not backed up with scientific evidence and they enroll you in a sneaky auto-ship program that you may have a difficult time returning or cancelling. 

Hoku Eye Serum is part of a new trend of beauty products called cosmeceuticals, essentially cosmetics that promise a drug-like benefit from their ingredients. While the Food and Drug Administration does not recognize the term, they also do not have the power to regulate cosmetics, other than sending a nasty letter

Therefore, cosmeceuticals have neither the science to back them up nor the regulatory agency to enforce any standards. We strongly recommend you don’t buy Hoku Eye Serum or any other cosmeceutical.

If you are looking for safer beauty products, we recommend visiting the Environmental Working Group website, a group dedicated to issues of health and the environment that affect consumers. They have compiled a database of 80,000 cosmetics listing their ingredients and are pushing for more regulation. 

Let us know what you think of Hoku Eye Serum below!

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