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Made little to no difference to my teeth

Jan 23, 2017 | | Sydney, Australia

Although this product was very easy to use, I found it to cause no difference to the color of my teeth. After the immediate removal of the device, my teeth appear whiter around the edges of each tooth however after about 10-20 minutes, each tooth gradually goes back to its normal color. My teeth are not very yellow (I do not smoke or drink tea or coffee) however, I did expect to see some difference.

Great costumer service

Jan 8, 2017 | | Germany

Sadly my gums got ignited after the second day, so I couldn't use it anymore and had to stop the whole procedure. After all, you do see a little difference so I'm sure it would have worked if I could have used it properly. The customer service is incredibly helpful and friendly. They refunded the whole cost even though I didn't ask for it. Thank you HiSmile for having one of the friendliest customer care services in the US market.

Well, I'm screwed

Dec 9, 2016 | | Omaha

I bought the HiSmile in a desperate attempt to try a popular teeth whitener that would possibly not make my gums enflamed or incredibly irritated, and would actually make my teeth whiter quicker. I have awkward teeth, and no matter how often I brush, I can't get my teeth to get whiter, and I didn't want to spend hundreds on my dentist whiteners for sensitive teeth. But now that I read this, I feel like I'll be too scared to try the thing.

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