HiSmile is a company that sells teeth whitening products by mail that promises it is safer than others because theirs are free of peroxide. Still, they promise HiSmile teeth whiteners will get your teeth pearly white just as good and more quickly than any other consumer whitening products available.

What’s in HiSmile that they claim will make my teeth white?

HiSmile sells sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) in gel form that is dispersed in a needle-free syringe, an LED light and mouth guard combo, and a teeth-whitening pen.

HiSmile touts the fact that the Australian Dental Health Association stated that hydrogen peroxide-based whiteners involve irreversible changes to teeth and the whitening process should be closely monitored. They add that the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has taken action against several DIY tooth whitening companies that exceed safe levels of hydrogen peroxide, causing chemical burns to gums and mouth.

These teeth whitening solutions work as a bleach are only legally allowed to have 6% hydrogen peroxide or 18% carbamide peroxide. While peroxide can be effective, the method can cause sensitivity or permanent damage to teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate, they state, has minimal adverse affects. HiSmile states that in gel form, the sodium bicarbonate won’t damage your teeth, yet will still remove extrinsic stains like coffee and smoker’s tar. They add using their method will not result in any teeth sensitivity, either.

HiSmile also sells a patented mouth guard with an LED device at the end, making it look like you are biting into a space age donut. The LED is said to be the strongest light on the market, but no further details are given.

These types of devices are thought to enhance the whitening process when used in combination with a gel. However, several studies have shown there is no added benefit of using any type of light. In addition, Norwegian researchers showed that UV radiation from these lights can possibly damage the mucus membrane and advised against using them.

How much does HiSmile sell their products for?

HiSmile sells their kit, containing 3 gel syringes, 1 mouth guard/LED, a dentist-grade shade guide, and a step-by step instruction manual for $79.99 AUD ($56.40 US).

The HiSmile peroxide-free whitening pen sells for $34.99 AUD ($24.67). You can buy the HiSmile mouth guard with LED for $59.99 ($42.30).

The main thing they attempt to do via popup window is to get you to subscribe to a monthly shipment of 3 gel syringes for $25.99 AUD ($18.33) per month. Otherwise, the syringes are $39.99 AUD ($28.20).

How do I contact HiSmile to get my money back?

HiSmile only has a contact form or email address info@hismileteeth.com to reach them. (They appear to be based in Australia but ship to the US, Canada, Europe, and others.)

There is no information about a money back guarantee. We sent an email and are waiting to hear back.

Bottom Line: Is HiSmile a good, safe way to get my teeth whiter?

No. There are a few reasons why we are saying this. First, there is very little information about the company and only an email to reach them. They also don’t give any specific information as to what is in HiSmile gel, aside from sodium bicarbonate. The HiSmile LED has no proven benefits to the teeth whitening process.

Remember, there is no money back guarantee listed, so if it doesn’t work you are likely screwed. On top of that, if you didn’t pay attention close enough, you may be signed up for an auto-ship program that could be difficult to cancel.

How to get your teeth whiter

Yellow or stained teeth can be a drag on your social or professional life, so it’s understandable why you may be interested in getting them whiter. There are a few things you can do on your own.

  • Try to eat crunchy fruits and veggies, which help clean the teeth.
  • Swish warm water in your mouth for 30 seconds after every meal, which can prevent stains from setting.
  • Chew some sugar-free gum.

You may want to use a toothpaste that contains baking soda. We found a laboratory assessment that concluded that patients brushing with sodium bicarbonate were able to remove intrinsic teeth stains better than those that didn’t.

You could try using actual baking soda but be very careful. Since baking soda is an abrasive, which can wear down the enamel, it is recommended to only brush once a week. (Besides, it tastes terrible!) While your teeth may be cleaner, they may not be whiter, depending on the natural color of your teeth.

When it comes to whitening products never use any at-home product with more than 6% carbimide peroxide or 18% hydrogen peroxide as required by law. If you do opt for sodium bicarbonate, it may help with surface stains only.

With any of these types of products, many have been shown to work at least minimally on most people. If it’s a weaker solution, it may take a bit longer but results will be the same. The key is not to overdo it as you risk sensitivity and/damage to your teeth – and that’s nothing to smile about!

For more information read the Department of Health consumer fact sheet for DIY Teeth Whitening Kits.

Finally, we’ll pass on a tip from the head of Boston University’s Dental program who confided in an interview that Crest Whitestrips do work.

We hope this helps you make a decision about HiSmile. Let us know your experience below!