HD Mirror Cam installs over your existing rearview mirror in seconds using flexible bands, and features a built-in camera underneath that can record the road in front of you, without obstructing your view. If you need to record elsewhere, whether you’re driving or not, this camera also features a unique 350° rotating angle.

To operate, insert your micro SD card into the top of your HD Mirror Cam. Place it over your standard size, factory issued rearview mirror and attach the soft bands to keep in place. Finally, you’ll place the adhesive clips along the edge of your windshield, plug the adapter into the top, and run the wire through the clips.

In addition to its rotating camera and ease of installation, the device also features:

  • Beautiful HD 720p video with a 120° wide angle lens,
  • Motion detection (even when you’re not in the car),
  • Auto ignition start,
  • Exclusive night vision using two infrared LEDs on either side of the camera,
  • Endless loop recording (up to 14 hours),
  • A built-in 2.5” LCD playback screen with screen shut off mode for distraction-free driving while recording, and
  • The ability to capture video, audio, and photos (including one-touch photo snap).

It certainly seems like HD Mirror Cam really could instantly turn your rear view mirror into a dash camera, as claimed on the device’s website, and deliver many of the most essential features.

But does it necessarily represent the best value for your money? That’s the main question we’ll explore in this article. And since price is a big component of value, that’s where we’ll start.

How Much Does HD Mirror Cam Cost?

One HD Mirror Cam will cost you $49, plus $9.99 S&H. If you purchase two or more, you order will come with free shipping.

Each unit includes a car charger/adapter, USB SD card reader, instruction manual, and soft bands and adhesive mounting wire clips.

Inventel provides a 60-day refund policy on all HD Mirror Cam purchases, less S&H, which you can request by contacting support at 323-375-1042 or customerservice@inventel.tv.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that, while the dashboard camera comes with a micro SD card reader, it does not come with an SD card itself. However, you could purchase up to 512GB of memory for as low as $10 at the time of our research, but be sure to factor this into your overall budget.

Also, remember that the size of your micro SD card will directly impact how much recording time you have and the length of your recording loops.

How does this price compare to other rearview mirror-based dashboard cameras?

Are There Other Cameras Like HD Mirror Cam?

While there seemed to be many more models that attached directly to a car’s dashboard at the time of our research, we still found dozens of other rearview mirror models. Some of these were priced as low as $25, while others exceeded $300, putting HD Mirror Cam on the lower end of the spectrum.

Will you necessarily get more for your money with other options, though? Ultimately, it largely depends on your needs.

For example, some of these options (generally, the higher-priced ones) permanently attach to your car.

While these will certainly impact portability and can make installation a much more complicated process, it also means you won’t have to keep them plugged into the charger in your car, or deal with potentially unsightly wires and clips running along your windshield and down your dashboard.

What about screen size? Although HD Mirror Cam’s 2.5” screen will likely work well for most users, some competing models featured screens as large as 7”. This could come in handy if you plan on watching most of your media directly on the mirror camera.

Some higher-end models also come with onboard recording (no micro SD card needed), the ability to make and answer calls (and even play music) through the monitor, up to 200°-wide lens angles, and backup cameras.

Pro tip: HD Mirror Cam’s infrared LEDs emit a specific wavelength of light that’s invisible to the human eye, but is perfectly visible to the lens. This way, it allows the camera to continue recording at night, without impacting image quality.

While this is a must-have feature, you’ll find this basic technology on most dashboard and rearview mirror cameras, so HD Mirror Cam isn’t your only option with night vision.

Speaking of options, to help narrow down your choices, Consumer Reports recommends only choosing models with HD video (ideally 1080p) for the highest detailed image possible, low-light capability, plenty of storage, and a long loop time. Other “nice-to-haves” include an LCD screen and motion detection.

As we can see based on everything we’ve learned, it seems like HD Mirror Cam ticks most of the essential boxes (although in only features 720p recording capability) and is priced meaningfully less than most of the competition. But are customers reporting a solid value?

What Are Customers Saying About HD Mirror Cam In Their Reviews?

As of this writing, three Bright Reviews readers had provided their feedback about HD Mirror Cam, giving the device an average rating of about three stars.

One wasn’t pleased with the video quality or the functionality, another didn’t appreciate the instructions or the fact that the entire unit had to be taken off the rearview mirror to access the micro SD card, while a third felt it was an “awesome buy.”

We also encountered 18 additional reviews on HighYa.com, where HD Mirror Cam had a slightly lower average rating of 2.7 stars. Many compliments indicated that it provided all the essential features for the money and was easy to use.

Comparatively, complaints frequently related to less-than-stellar quality and customer support, as well as a complicated (and some even specifically called it “deceptive”) phone ordering process.

Does this mean you’ll encounter the same, whether with HD Mirror Cam itself or with the manufacturer? Certainly not. But we’re here to ensure you have all the information you need before handing over your money.

Speaking of which, should you go ahead and place your order?

Bottom Line: Is the HD Mirror Cam Right For You?

What do you define as “value”? The lowest price? The most features? The longest refund policy? The most customer feedback? The highest consumer ratings?

Whatever it might be, we think HD Mirror Cam could provide a lot of value if you’re looking for a competitively priced model that:

  • Won’t obstruct your view of the road,
  • Delivers many of the essential features recommended by professionals, and
  • Comes from a manufacturer who stands behind it with a 60-day refund policy, which should be more than enough time to decide if it’s right for you.

Given this, it seems you won’t have much more to lose than S&H (both original, as well as return) if you end up dissatisfied with the device.

Before clicking away, tell us about your thoughts regarding HD Mirror Cam below in your review!

Editor's note: This article was last revised on Jun 9, 2017 using publicly available information on www.hdmirrorcam.com as well as other third party sources.