HD Free TV Antenna is an antenna for your television that promises it will give you access to your favorite channels and programs and eliminate the need to pay a monthly cable bill. HD Free TV Antenna touts it pulls in a digital signal from all directions, is easy to install, and will give you broadcast television in full 1080 HD. But does this mean you will get free access to cable TV channels and programs like Game of Thrones or Walking Dead? NO! (Read on to learn why.)

The HD Free TV pitch they use that may confuse you

HD Free TV attempts to confuse you into thinking you may be getting something that other people pay a lot of money for, for free – in fact, the word “Free” is even in the name, isn’t it?

If you’ve seen the infomercial, you’ll notice that they pretend it is a breaking news story, calling it Tech News Headlines instead of a commercial. The “news anchor” explains there is a new way to “eliminate your cable or satellite bill, while still keeping your favorite channels” and introduces HD Free TV.

They go on to talk about a recent Federal Mandate (2009 actually) that required all broadcast stations to send out a digital signal instead of the old-fashioned analog that we’ve used for half a century or more.

Then they claim all you need to do is plug the HD Free TV into the back of your television and start scanning for signals. HD Free TV promises you will then be able to enjoy great television programming for free, eliminating the need to pay for an extra cable box or cable television at all for that matter.

HD Free TV claims the picture on these channels is actually better than the one sent via cable or satellite because it comes from an uncompressed signal.

This is all true… BUT.

And there’s always a BUT, isn’t there?

This does NOT MEAN you will receive shows that are shown on any cable or satellite (meaning channels you have to pay extra for) for free.

So, if your favorite channels are: NBC, ABC, CBS, CW, or Fox you are in luck.

BUT if your favorite channels are Comedy Central, ESPN, HBO, FX, or AMC, HD Free TV will do you no good.

Some additional thoughts to consider for TV Antennas in General

There is a very good chance you do NOT need HD Free TV to receive the digital signals that are already for free. This is because after 2007, all televisions sold were REQUIRED to have a built-in ATSC antenna.

Therefore, if you have a newer TV, you are likely wasting your money.

If you are having difficulty with reception of local or free national network channels, according to Best Buy, the materials your house is made of (like aluminum siding or metal roofing) may be interfering with the over-the-air signal. You may also be in an area far from signals or one that has a lot of mountains or trees. In this case, you would likely need an outdoor antenna mounted to your roof.

How much does it cost for HD Free TV antenna?

HD Free TV antenna claims it’s just $10 and if you buy one they will give you another for free; however the fine print reveals $5.99 in shipping and handling fees for the first antenna and then another $5.99 in fees for the second. This makes the total $21.98 for 2, so you’re not really getting one for free.

In addition, we’d like to point out that this $11.98 charge is non-refundable even if you return HD Free TV antenna within the 30 day time period the company allows. Add on the shipping charges back to them and you will likely be out at least $15 for having had tried HD Free TV – not really so free, is it?

HD Free TV customer service can be reached at: 973-531-4421 M-F 8:30-5:00 pm E.S.T.

Bottom Line: Is HD Free TV antenna a great way to get free television and save me hundreds of dollars on cable?

It may not be a bad option if you consider the following prior to making this purchase:

  • An antenna will not give you access to any channels that are not already free.
  • HD Free TV will cost you at least $11.98 even if you return it.
  • If you order HD Free TV and do not realize any of these things, there may be a chance that you'll be disappointed

HD Free TV is hardly the first HD antenna that promises you can “bypass cable” – check out Clear TV Antenna, Clear TV HD Black Box, HD Clear Vision Antenna, and Free TV Key to name a few. Yes, you are “bypassing cable” if you use this antenna, but you are also bypassing access to their exclusive channels and shows!

If you don’t want to pay for cable or are curious what channels you can get for free over the air, visit www.antennaweb.org and plug in your zip code. The channels in green will likely be available with your built-in antenna or any HD antenna attachment; any other color will probably need an outdoor antenna.

If you are not a TV buff or are content with what’s on broadcast network free television, this should be fine.

If you are thinking about getting rid of cable/satellite altogether, you should read our 4 part series about cutting the cord here.

And if you did buy HD Free TV let us and our wonderful readers know your experience with the antenna. Was it worth the price or did you just get static?