HD Clear Vision is an HD antenna that only provides clearer reception for the broadcast channels already available for free in your area. But you may think after seeing the infomercial and visiting their website you are going to get free cable or satellite TV stations. Although the makers of the HD Antenna don't actualyl say cable.

We hate to break it to you, but you’re not going to get free HBO or the History Channel! While you may be bummed, this information will save you hours of frustration and thinking this product is a “scam.”

The HD Clear Vision Antenna Pitch

The HD Clear Vision commercial is designed to look like a news segment. The dramatic music comes on and the logo reads “Tech News Headlines.” A pair of fake reporters appear on the screen and one says “Here’s a way to eliminate your cable bill without losing your favorite channels!”

They then explain you will get access to all major networks, including some “foreign” channels absolutely free. They claim a recent (well, 2009 actually) mandate forced all broadcasters to switch to a digital HD signal over the airwaves. They promise this means you can get “top-rated shows, news, sporting events, and weather” from major networks and more (the “more” meaning local TV stations) in 1080P, the format also known as HD.

They promise “No contracts! No monthly fees! No price hikes!”

So it sounds like you are going to be getting free cable or satellite television.

How HD Clear Vision Works

HD Clear Vision is an HD television antenna designed to pick up major networks and local stations that have been and always will be free. It’s small, flat, and black (11 5/8" x 3") and has suction cups on one side. To use it, they say to stick on a wall or window near your HDTV. Then, plug in the cable to the AUX/IN in the back of your TV. Then, use the TV’s channel scanner and they say you will “instantly” have access to these shows in an uncompressed format, which they say is even better than the signal provided by cable or satellite companies.

Do You Need an HDTV Antenna?

Honestly, probably not. Here’s why: after 2007, manufacturers started including a built-in HD antenna with almost all of their models. Here’s how to check to see if you already have an antenna: http://science.opposingviews.com/tell-tv-digital-tuner-13386.html

If you have one, you just saved yourself over $30.

What You Will Get With HD Clear Vision

  • The 5 major TV networks: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW
  • Local channels
  • Uncompressed HD (1080P) Signal

Note: the channels you will have access to are strictly determined by the area you live in and how close you are to a broadcast tower. Before you buy, you should plug in your zip code and address at http://www.antennaweb.org and this will tell you exactly what channels you will get.

What You Won’t Get

  • HBO, Showtime, Starz, ESPN, AMC, History Channel, MTV or anything that is exclusively available from a cable or satellite provider.

HD Clear Vision Costs:

$33.93 (They disguise the full amount by saying it’s $19.99 + $6.95 S&H for one, but they automatically throw in another HD Clear TV and charge an additional $6.99.) You have 30 days to try and you don’t like it, you can return for the $19.99 back but not the $13.94 in fees – plus you’ve got to pay return postage.

Our Review: Is HD Clear Vision a Scam?

Not exactly. A “scam” is defined (at least by us) as selling you something that doesn’t work as advertised and won’t give you your money back. This company (like Clear TV) walks that fine line, making you think it’s something that it is not.

As we outlined above, there are many reasons why you might think HD Clear Vision will give you free cable shows (like “Walking Dead” or “Game of Thrones”). But if you slow down and read the website carefully, you will see this is not the case.

So: first, make sure you don’t already have a built-in antenna. Next, do a search to see what channels are available locally. Then, and only then, order HD Clear Vision. That way you will avoid disappointment when you realize you won’t get free ESPN.

So to put things in perspective, if you’re fine with just the local broadcast channels in HD and are prepared to part ways with premium cable network channels and TV shows, the HD Clear Vision Antenna might serve you well.