Guard Street is a company that claims to provide services that protect your privacy, your data, and thereby your life by allowing you to browse the web anonymously, hide your passwords, send secure email, and more. They tout their servers are located in Switzerland and your data is fully encrypted at all times using military grade encryption and Swiss security standards.

How Guard Street Works

Guard Street appears to be a subscription service that bundles a selection of tools to protect your privacy. The stated features include:

  • Secure email and data vault located in Switzerland
  • Software that allows for private web activity
  • Privacy tools & “exclusive discounts”
  • Security on social networks
  • Password protection
  • Instant messaging with a “self destruct” feature
  • Security for smartphones and laptops
  • Erase files on desktops and laptops
  • Antivirus software

The Guard Street Terms and Conditions list the software “aggregated, bundled, and, where applicable, customized” for their customers as:

AVG Privacy Fix
 (a free tool)
Cyber Scrub (paid security products $29.95 - $69.95)
DigitalSafe (a private data company based in Switzerland with personal packages starting at $9/mo)
GadgetTrak (Security for laptops for $19.95/yr and iOS security for $4.99)
 (a free syncing tool)
ParetoLogic Antivirus (an Internet security tool that’s free with registration)
RoboForm (a free password manager)
SurfSafe VPN (anonymous web surfing tool for $4.99)
Trak n Return (theft prevention software $14.95/yr per device)

Wickr (free encrypted messenger service)
NowSecure (a free service that lets you know who is tracking your smartphone data)

Guard Street Costs:

Guard Street offers a $2.99 trial fee, which lasts for 7 days. After that period, they bill you for $99 for a one-year membership, which they call Guard Street Privacy Premium.

They state you can cancel Guard Street within 30 days of your initial order or annual billing period by calling, emailing, or via their support panel.

Bottom Line: Is Guard Street a Smart Idea?

With almost our entire life online, it is definitely a wise move to keep your data protected as much as possible. We couldn’t find any customer reviews of Guard Street, except for one on their BBB webpage. It was positive, but to us, sounded more like an advertisement than a review.

As we outlined above, most of the products included in their services are free. Unless the top-tiered $69.95 version of Cyber Scrub is included, it seems like you could get all the services cheaper if purchased individually. The Terms and Conditions also contained language about upgrading individual services inside Guard Street. When we called and tried to speak to a customer service representative, we were directed to a voice mail to leave a message (we’re still waiting for a return phone call).

We suggest investigating the tools via the links above and decide for yourself whether it’s worth the $99 fee to have them bundled in one place. Here are some links to some other free privacy tools that may also help you:

We hope this helps you make a decision on Guard Street – let us know your thoughts below!