Grill Disk is a cooking accessory that claims to give you all the benefits of outdoor barbecue cooking inside on your stove. They state the secret to Grill Disk is its high-heat steel distributes heat evenly and the surface will leave perfect sear marks, allowing you to have great bbq all year round.

How does Grill Disk work to cook food like a barbecue?

Grill Disk is sold as a round piece of high-heat steel coated in a non-stick surface (they don’t say what that surface is or what type of steel). There are raised grill bars on the side you cook food on. To use Grill Disk, they instruct you to place it inside of your favorite pan and turn on the burner.

They claim that the high heat steel will evenly heat the surface without any flare-ups and if you place your meats atop its grills it will sear it just like if you cooked it outdoors. They add Grill Disk is even better than an outdoor grill because you can marinate juices in the channels and foods like veggies or onions won’t slip through. They boast that you can put Grill Disk in the washing machine and it will be clean and ready for next use.

What does it cost for Grill Disk?

Grill Disk states it’s only $10 for a 10 inch disc and Grill Guide and they’ll give you an additional 8 inch disc and Grill Guide; however, you must pay a $4.95 shipping and handling fee on each Grill Disk. This makes the total $19.90 for 2 (if you want just the 10 inch Grill Disk you must un-check the box in Step 1.)

Grill Disk Refund Information

Customer service: 866-304-4225.

Grill Disk offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but this is minus shipping and handling fees. In other words, you will get back your initial $10 but not any of the other fees and you have to pay to ship it back to them.

Bottom Line: Is Grill Disk a cool way to barbecue indoors?

Lots of people love BBQ and either don’t have the outdoor space or friendly weather to cook it whenever they want. That’s why a product like Grill Disk could be appealing. However, we’d like to remind you:

a) We don’t know what it’s made from. Usually these products tout they are PTFE or PFOA free. PFOAs are considered toxic so most reputable companies don’t use it. (PTFE is considered safe at temperatures under 500 degrees.)

b) We don’t know anything about who makes Grill Disk. They have no BBB rating and when we called the customer service number provided there was no answer. 

c) You will pay almost the same amount in fees ($9.90) for the Grill Disk itself ($10). This means they will make money whether the product works or not.

d) Their Privacy Policy allows them to solicit you via email, snail mail, or telephone with other products, as well as give your info to other “reputable” parties. You may opt-out but you must send an email to:

Because of all these factors, we do not recommend buying the Grill Disk.

How to grill indoors

If you’re intrigued by the idea of Grill Disk and want to have a barbecue in your kitchen, you don’t really need a special pan accessory. 

First, you could use your oven’s broiler, which is essentially an upside-down grill. 

Another recommendation is buying a cast iron grill pan, some even come with ridges.  These will heat evenly and can be purchased for about the same price as the Grill Disk. They are heavier and bulkier than Grill Disk, but have more uses.

Try seasoning your foods with smoky salts or sauces to give it that barbecue flavor. Get the pan hot, but then bring down the temperature and let your meats cook – don’t flip them too early!


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