Greenerator is a spray for your lawn from Tristar Products that claims it is the secret to a spotless green lawn in seconds. Is it a seed or a patch? No! Greenerator is said to be a non-toxic waterproof green spray that will essentially paint your lawn or shrubs green so it looks healthy and alive even if it’s dehydrated and dead.

What’s in Greenerator that makes it a great way to re-color my plants?

Greenerator doesn’t specifically list what’s inside their green pump bottle except to say it’s a “special horticultural formula” that is waterproof and safe for your kids and your pets.

To use Greenerator, they say to simply spray on any brown or discolored area on your lawn, tree, or shrub. They tout in just a few seconds, the green coating will completely cover the dead spot and blend seamlessly with the rest of the area. Greenerator is said to be biodegradable, but that its color will last for months, saving you hundreds on water bills or expensive landscaping.

How much is a bottle of Greenerator and how much will it cover?

Greenerator comes in a 32 oz. bottle that is said to cover 200 square feet for $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling for a total of $21.90 (plus tax if applicable).

How to get your money back from Greenerator

Greenerator comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, but this is minus the $6.95 in fees and what it costs to send it back. You must call Greenerator customer service at 973-287-5147 and first obtain an RMA. Email address:

Bottom Line: Is Greenerator a good way to keep my lawn green?

Having a perfect lawn all year is the ideal of many Americans, and this can be especially difficult in the Southwest, where they are in the middle of a drought. Indeed, there is a boom of lawn spraying businesses in Southern California, where once-green lawns now have turned brown. Golf courses and sports fields have been using this technology for many years.

But is a product like Greenerator really the smart way to make your lawn green? First of all, there are different colors of green, depending on what kind of lawn you have. Greenerator only comes in one color, so it may not match (and frankly, we weren’t convinced by the video, which seemed to use cheesy special effects to make the brown spots on the lawn turn green).

On top of that, while they state their product is safe and non-toxic for people, can it really be that good for the plants? An article on Law Street questioned the logic of using colored spray on paints, as the plant is often dehydrated yet still alive. By putting a waterproof coating over it, the article argues you are essentially preventing it from getting water and healing itself.  

Because of these factors, we do not recommend Greenerator or any “natural” green paints for your lawns. If you are in Southern California and you have a dead or dying lawn, there are incentives to remove it and replace with artificial turf or desert-friendly succulents. Check SoCal Watersmart to see if you qualify for something in your area.

How to care for brown spots on your lawn

According to Organic Life, brown patches are sometimes the sign of mowing too closely to the ground. They suggest setting your mower a little higher and mowing a little less often. In addition, they say you can try planting clover to add a little nitrogen, which will help bring back the green.

Your soil could possibly be deficient in iron or have a disease. You should read  this article about causes and remedies of yellow spots on your lawn from Lowe’s.

We hope this helps you make a decision about Greenerator – let us know your experience below!