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Loved it. Highly recommend it

Feb 20, 2017 | | Overland Park, KS

We tried snaking, baking soda/vinegar mixture and nothing worked. Bought the Green Gobbler Powder Plunger 16.5 ounce package and followed the directions to the T and let it sit overnight- next morning added hot water let sit for 15 minutes flushed and wahlah we have our toilet back. Highly recommend it.

I love Green Gobbler

Jul 26, 2017 | | Bear

I lived in RV for many years. The sink in toilet was getting backed up to the point I had a bucket draining it out, it was nightmare. I was in Home Depot, when I saw Green Gobbler for the first time. I got it home, used it, with in 20 minutes all was fine. I have not been so happy.

Works most of the time

Sep 22, 2017 | | Alaska

I have used it in my drains. The kitchen drain gets very sulfur smelling afterward. But only when it was badly clogged. Rinsing with a pot of almost boiling water helps on stubborn clogs. This has worked for me on drains that didn't clear with my go-to baking soda/vinegar de-clogger. Saves me from snaking 90% of the time.

AC Condensation Drain Line Pipe

Sep 24, 2017 | | Houston, TX

The Pipe that the condensation line from the AC drains to, was clogged and was overflowing down to the bathroom and into the master bedroom. Went to Home Depot and the person there in the plumbing section recommended Green Gobbler. He explained to me how to use it.

Took it home poured a bag down the pipe and waited. I could not pour any water down the pipe right away until the water that was in there subsided. After about an hour, the water went down about 5 inches. I poured hot water in it and in about ten minutes it flushed down. I poured the rest of the hot water down. Grant you, it did take at least an hour and a half to get it flowing, but it did work and it was a relief. From now on I will pour a bag of this stuff down that pipe once a year the same time I add bleach to the AC pan.

Works great.

Jan 12, 2018 | | Baltimore, MD

I bought the 3-pack at Ollie's for $7.99. (That's $2.66 per use.) I followed the directions as stated on the packaging, the result after half an hour the drain was free-flowing. I also used the green drain cleaning tool to remove the gunk from the drain. The directions said that if the drain was clogged with organic matter that an odor would be produced. Indeed that happened, initially then went away as the drain cleared. I just burned a scented candle to remove the odor from the air.

Great stuff

Oct 11, 2018 | | North Carolina

I've used it for quite a while now and it works great every time. No more problems. I have never had it "turn to cement" or not be effective, so obviously I am not putting down my drain any of the things that others apparently have (can't help but wonder what was in their drains in the first place that caused that kind of clog). Also, the little drain strips work well too, for making the bathroom drains at work ever so much better because they used to smell horrible, and now I just drop those in per the instructions, and now it smells nice!

Green Gobbler

Dec 8, 2018 | | Florida

It really works! I am totally happy with the results! Most definitely, I will recommend this product to family and friends!

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