Gray Out from Tristar Products is a hair spray that claims to get rid of gray hair roots in 10 seconds and give you 40 touch ups per can. They state Gray Out is not a dye, adapts to any hair color instantly, won’t drip, covers evenly, and stays on until you wash it out.

Why is my hair turning gray?

Our head is covered with 100,000 hair follicles, each with their own “ink jet” of melanocytes that make melanin, which “prints” the color. When your melanin ink runs out, the corresponding hair follicle goes gray; this can happen in select areas of your hair or the entire thing.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is determined by our genes and can’t be prevented or reversed. Simply put, some people go gray and some don’t. There is some evidence that exercise may slow the graying process down and stress speed it up, but so far this has only been proven in laboratory mice, not humans.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with you if it happens!

How does Gray Out work?

Gray Out explains that their product doesn’t use any dye but contains a unique formula that adapts seamlessly to your hair, covering the roots and masking the Gray so that it blends in naturally. They add it’s safe for your scalp, as easy to use as hair spray and works great as a touch up between for hair colorings, prolonging the time you need between dyes.

Gray Out touts that there is no mess or flaking and that it contains an anti-perspiration formula so it won’t come out even if you jump in a pool, but will easily wash out with shampoo.

Gray Out comes in 2 different shades – Dark and Light – and they estimate 40 uses in each can.

How much is a bottle of Gray Out?

Gray Out sells their anti-gray spray for $14.99 as a Buy One Get One, but hold on: they also charge $6.99 in processing and handling per bottle. This means the true total is $28.97 for 2.

Gray Out Refund Information

Gray Out and Tristar Products offer a 60-day money back guarantee for their Gray hair touch up spray, minus shipping and handling and what it costs you to ship it back to them. This means you will only get the initial $14.99 and not the $13.98 in tacked-on fees. It is unclear whether you can return used bottles of Gray Out, but when we called customer service said they had no information on it because the product was still new.

Gray Out customer service: (973) 287-5100.

Bottom Line: Is Gray Out a good way to get rid of gray hairs?

We couldn’t find any customer reviews of Gray Out but there are a few things we can remind you of. First, this product is described as a touch-up for the roots of the hair, not overall hair color. And to be honest, we’re not very impressed with the Before and Afters on the website:

Before and After images of Gray Out

Seriously?! To us, it looks like the gray is a fake spray-on color.

Add in the fact that they don’t tell you what’s in Gray Out, the shipping fees are excessive and the return information unclear, we do not recommend buying this product.

Alternatives to Gray Out

In spite of what they say on the commercial, there are other spray-away gray concealers in the marketplace. Style Edit is one of the most popular and best-reviewed gray covering spray with an average of 4-stars on A reporter from Philadelphia Magazine tried Style Edit and was pleased with the results and found it be soft, not sticky or messy. Another product that gets high marks is Gray Away Root Concealer.

You could also try using a bit of eye shadow, as recommended by stylists in the Daily Mail.

Then again, you could also just embrace your gorgeous gray hair like these lovely women in Good Housekeeping.

Woman with gorgeous gray hair‚Äč
‚ÄčImage: Good Housekeeping

Let us know what you think of Gray Out below!

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