Psst - wanna buy some GRASS? No, not the “medicinal” kind, I’m talking about the green stuff (that should be) covering your front lawn. Grassology claims they’ve cracked the code for a healthy lawn with this bag of grass seed they say will practically grow green and full by itself. But are they full of bull manure?

Grassology is brought to you by Telebrands who have been doing the “As Seen On TV” thang for 30 years. And supposedly EVVERYBODY is talking about Grassology, including ABC, CBS, The Boston Globe, Popular Science, and CNN.

The Grassology PItch

Bob Vila, the salt-and-pepper goateed host of This Old House is the spokesman for Grassology. He claims it is grass seed “based on science” guaranteed to give you a lush lawn year-round that is virtually maintenance-free. They say this means no more high watering bills, weekly mowing, fertilizing, or weeding.

Bob says the Grassology seed is “patent pending” which is supposed to impress you. Then he admits it’s the original low-maintenance seed blend created by Pearl’s Premium. Ummm, then WHY is it called Grassology?

They then flash a lot of before-and-after pics, which they say are barren ground gone green, thanks to Grassology. They evan claim a particularly beautiful patch of Grassology lawn survived a drought and hasn’t been moved in months; as opposed to the regular grass planted next to it, which is dried and brown.

And The Claims

Grassology claims regular lawn seed needs constant watering and fertilizing. But they say Grassology’s seed roots extend 4x deeper, to reach the “good stuff” underground (i.e. water and nutrients).

On top of that, they say Grassology reaches a “dwarf height” which means less mowing, guaranteed. They brag it naturally fights disease, insects, and weeds (without delving any deeper as to how.)

They state Grassology is GMO-free and Made In The U.S.A. Huzzah!

What You Get:

  • 1 lb bag of Grassology, which they say covers 167 sq/ft of new lawn, or 250 sq/ft of overseeding
  • Opportunity for an additional 1 lb bag and Pocket Hose Ultra (extra fees)

How Much it Costs

The 1 lb bag of Grassology costs $14.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total of $22.98. BUT, they do everything they can to sell you more product, offering an additional 1 lb bag and the Pocket Hose Ultra for $9.99 in additional fees. Keep in mind, these so-called “handling” fees are not refundable. So, even if you give Grassology 60 days to grow and it doesn’t, you can ask for a refund in that time frame but you’re only gonna get back your initial $14.99 – dig?

The “Dirt” on Grassology

People seem to be willing to do anything it takes to have a beautiful, hassle-free lawn, including buying grass seed from a TV commercial. But let me tell you, the word on the street isn’t so good. Many people have complained about Grassology’s shady billing practices, having either inadvertently ordered too much product on the website or being billed for orders they cancelled. Placing an order on the telephone seems to be just as bad, with the operator using hard-sell methods to “upgrade” you to larger (read: more expensive) bags of grass. And many exclaim it’s difficult, if not impossible to cancel your order before it has shipped. And then, they say good luck getting a refund.

As to the Grassology itself... meh, not so much. It seems to not work as advertised for a lot of people who claim to have followed the directions. Also, they don’t list the specific type of grass seeds included in your Grassology bag, which means you can’t know what you are growing; this can be problematic for certain areas of the U.S.

Poor Results plus Deceptive Billing plus Lousy Customer Service Equals STAY AWAY

We highly recommend visiting your local nursery for lawn care tips. OK?