Grass Shot from Telebrands claims to be the ultimate home hydro-seeding system, allowing you to literally spray yourself a new lawn. They state all you have to do is attach Grass Shot to your garden hose and the mix of seed, fertilizer, and Grass Shot hydro-mulch will repair high-traffic spots, shady areas, or bare patches on your lawn.

What is Hydro-Seeding?

Hydro-seeding (or hydroseeding) is a way to seed a wide area of ground in a relatively short period of time. This is done with a dispenser that contains the seed, along with fertilizer and mulch (sawdust) and a green or blue dye to indicate the area that has been covered.

It was invented in the 1950s and is particularly useful for hillsides or sloping areas. Because water, seed, and fertilizer are mixed, a lawn can quickly germinate and grow in under a month.

How Grass Shot Works

Grass Shot is a version of hydroseeding that claims to be for the ordinary homeowner. It comes in a self-contained unit that is said to be able to cover up to 200 square feet. To use Grass Shot, they instruct you to attach it to your garden hose (or you can pay extra for a Pocket Hose Ultra) and spray where you’d like green grass to grow.

They claim Grass Shot will spray a thick green foam of seed and mulch, making any bare areas “disappear like magic”; however, they don’t give any specific timetable as to how long this will take.

Grass Shot Costs…

$27.98 (pitched as $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H) for one container of Grass Shot; if you would like the 25 ft. Pocket Hose Ultra, add another $9.99 in fees for a total of $37.97.

Because Grass Shot is a consumable item (meaning you use it up, not eat it) Telebrands only allows returns if it is unopened. You will not get back any shipping/handling fees, you must pay to ship it back, and you have to include a written, detailed explanation why you are returning it or they could refuse your request.

Bottom Line: Will Grass Shot Give You Green Grass?

While hydroseeding is indeed a legitimate method for growing grass, it is best for new lawns and applied by a professional. If you have bare spots on your existing lawn, there may be an underlying problem with the soil, so professionals recommend getting the soil tested first, otherwise, you’re likely to still have the same problem as before.

Also, keep in mind that they don’t specifically list the type of grass seed Grass Shot includes (yes, there are different types of grass) so it may not match what you have already got.

Because this product is still new, we couldn’t find consumer reviews of Grass Shot; however, a very similar product called Hydro Mousse fares very poorly with consumers. Many reviewers say it didn’t work as advertised and stained their fingers green.

Will Grass Shot fare any better? Keep in mind that Telebrands currently has an F rating from the BBB and that the Pocket Hose Ultra has been known to quickly leak and/or explode.

Let us know your experience with Grass Shot below!