Grab Bag from Telebrands is a green reusable canvas bag that they claim is both great for the environment and for use at your grocery store. They state this is because the bags clip into your shopping cart, making it easy to load/unload and that each one holds up to 40 lbs; because you won’t need a bag at checkout, they add you are saving the landfills and oceans from plastic waste.

How Grab Bag Works

Grab Bag’s dimensions are 25” long x 9” wide x 12” high when open and 10” wide and 7” high when closed and made of an “earth friendly” material (aka canvas); they claim Grab Bags can hold several plastic bags’ worth of groceries and up to 40 lbs.

They tout Grab Bag opens up to fit perfectly inside your shopping cart and clips on the edges. To use Grab Bag, they instruct you clip in the bags, shop, unload the bags at the checkout, and then re-load them in the bags. Then, they claim these bags are easy to lift from the handle, the flat bottom keeps them from tipping, and you can close the lid to prevent spillage.

They add each Grab Bag is easy to clean, and the patent pending design folds up easily for next time you need it at the supermarket, laundromat, or anywhere else you might need a bag but don’t want to ask.

Grab Bag Cost:

$14.99 for 2, which includes free shipping. If you check the “Yes” box, they will add an insulated Hot/Cold Bag for another $14.99 fee.

On the website, Telebrands offers a 30-day money back guarantee, minus any fees and what it costs to ship back to them. In the commercial it states Grab Bag has a 1-year money back guarantee. We called customer service and they did confirm you can return Grab Bags for up to one year and still get your money back.

Bottom Line: Is Grab Bag a Scam?

A reusable bag is always a great idea, and indeed there is a national movement to ban plastic bags in grocery stores. But are Grab Bags up to the task of holding your groceries? According to it is the #1 release in Kitchen Reusable Grocery Bags and has a 4-star rating from 33 reviews (as of March 2015).

While the 5-star reviews do gush about how convenient and sturdy Grab Bags are, the 1-and-2 star reviewers complain that the bags were smaller than anticipated, cheaply made, and had a funny smell. Some felt they were no better than the ones you can already purchase at the grocery store for just a few dollars.

Let us know your experience with Grab Bags – were they as convenient as promised, or did they not hold very many groceries or break?