Gotham Steel Pans claims to be the newest non-stick cookware that is made from a combination of ceramic and titanium. They boast Gotham Steel Pans can never be scratched, foods slide right off with no oil or butter, it’s safe for up to 500 degrees, and is free of all the yucky PTFE/PFOA/PFOS byproducts on other nonstick pans.

What do they claim makes Gotham Steel Pans better than other non-stick pans?

Gotham Steel Pans are pans of unknown dimensions made of a titanium and ceramic surface; the titanium is said to make it durable and the ceramic is nonstick, holds a lot of heat and doesn’t have any of the PTFE/PFOA/PFOS gases associated with Teflon.

Because of this, they tout Gotham Steel Pans are unscratchable and can be used with metal utensils. They add Gotham Steel Pans can be used in the oven up to 500 degrees and can evenly cook food without butter or oils. When it’s ready, they claim your food will easily slide out of the pan and into the plate and you can wash your Gotham Steel Pans in the dishwasher to use next time.

Gotham Steel Pans is pitched by TV Chef Daniel Green who says using it is like cooking on air and proceeds to burn cheese, bake gooey s’more pie, and even beat an egg with an egg beater without damaging its surface.

How much are they charging for Gotham Steel Pans?

Gotham Steel Pans sells for $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling for a total of $26.94. If you would like to add the “free” omelet maker, you must add another $6.95 in fees making the new total $33.89.

What is the guarantee for Gotham Steel Pans?

Gotham Steel Pans comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, but this does not include any of the extra fees and what it may cost you to send it back to them. There is also a one-year warranty on the Gotham Steel Pans.

Bottom Line: Is Gotham Steel Pans a great way to cook food on my stovetop without a lot of mess?

Maybe. We like ceramic coated pans because it is a popular alternative to Teflon, and you don’t have to worry about scratching it. Since the product is still new, consumers have yet to weigh in.

But we can point to a couple of things. First, they don’t say anything about a “stay cool” handle so it looks like you will need an oven mitt to use it.

And while we appreciate the one-year warranty and the fact that it can withstand 500 degrees in the oven, for comparison we can look to the CorVex pan, a ceramic coated pan that is about $10 more. The CorVex is 9 ½ inches, has a rubber handle, can withstand 900 degrees, and comes with a lid and a 5-year warranty. In other words, Gotham Steel Pans could be useful for a while but may not be durable in the long run.

We’d also like to give you a special tip: look for Gotham Steel Pans at your local Target or Walgreens. That way you can see for yourself how big it and how durable it looks. You’ll save money on shipping and not have to wait weeks for it to arrive.

Then, to take care of your ceramic surface, we recommend a gentle abrasive like Bon Ami that won’t damage it. Do not use oil or butter in the Gotham Steel Pans as it may shorten its life, and wash with water or white vinegar and wipe clean while still warm.

We hope this gives you the info you need. Let us know your experience with Gotham Steel Pans below!

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