Gotham Steel Knives made the bold statement that they are the sharpest, most precise knife set you’ll ever own. The say this is because this set of knives is made from Titanium, which they promise is stronger than steel and will stay razor sharp for life, guaranteed.

What’s so awesome about Gotham Steel Knives that make them great for my kitchen?

Gotham Steel Knives is pitched by celebrity chef Jason Roberts whose thick accent may remind people of Crocodile Dundee (“That’s not a knife…”) but he’s from New Zealand not Australia.

In the infomercial he does a number of impressive cutting tricks with the Gotham Steel Knives, including slicing a pineapple and a watermelon in mid air. He claims the secret is the blade is made from titanium which goes all the way through the wooden handle; they state titanium is stronger than steel, won’t rust, and will never get dull.

How much does it cost for a set of Gotham Steel Knives with titanium blades?

Gotham Steel Knives comes with a 9 piece set that includes 2 Cleavers, a boning knife, a pairing knife, a serrated knife, and 4 steak knives with a price tag of $19.99 plus shipping and handling. But in the fine print it reveals the 5-piece knife set is $19.99 plus $6.95 and if you want the extra steak knives you have to pay an additional $4.95 in fees. Total $31.89 plus tax if applicable.

When you place your order, you are also agreeing to Gotham Steel Knives’ arbitration policy, which prevents you from suing them or joining any class action lawsuit.

Gotham Steel Knives guarantee policy

Gotham Steel Knives has a 30-day money back guarantee where you can try the knives and if you don’t like them they’ll refund your money, minus the shipping and handling charges and what it cost you to ship them back.

After that time period, they promise if you do have a problem with any one of your Gotham Steel Knives you can simply return them and they’ll exchange it for free. The one catch is you must pay to send it back to them.

Gotham Steel Knives customer service telephone number: 855-721-3347

Bottom Line: Are Gotham Steel Knives as great as they say they are and will last me a lifetime?

Gotham Steel Knives may look impressive in the commercial, but the verdict is still out as to whether they’re any good. But there are some things we can remind you: first and most importantly is this is an “As Seen On TV” product – meaning a relatively inexpensive knife with a lot of heady promises.

As to titanium itself as a good material for a knife blade, opinion is, well, split. Some people feel that titanium is too soft to keep a sharp edge, while others state they are excellent and sharp in certain conditions. Others say this is not true, although many of them also happen to be selling titanium knives.

Pure titanium is incredibly expensive, so it’s unlikely Gotham Steel Knives are pure, so in one way that’s a good thing. A writer for Chowhound tried a set of expensive titanium knives by Boker and found that they were not worth the price. He did concede they had the advantage of not rusting or shattering.

The bottom line is Gotham Steel Knives may be good for everyday use, but you are getting what you pay for. True chefs knives are made from high carbon steel or high carbon stainless steel, and treated like musical instruments. Titanium is light, and a good chef always chooses a knife by its feel in their hands along with its balance and weight. Knife making is an art form, and Gotham Steel Knives at its very best is inexpensive and mass produced and at its worst a cheap knock-off.

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