The Go Grill is a new, portable grilling device they say you can take anywhere. They boast it weighs 8 lbs, folds up in seconds, and it has a “5 T-bone capacity,” but is this a product that has any lasting value? Today we offer our review and observation on it and we'll hopefully help you make a better informed decision on whether you should buy the Go Grill or not. 

The Go Grill Pitch

They claim that most grills are too big to lug around and that the grill at the local park is covered in who-knows-what. They tout it has a modern compact design and that it’s perfect for camping, fishing, tailgating, and anywhere you’d like to grill up and chow down. They try to tempt you by saying it’s “an $80 value!”

What is Go Grill Made From?

It’s shiny and looks like stainless steel, but since they don’t actually say, it’s a good bet that it ain’t. (They do use the words “stainless steel” but that’s for the 11-piece set of barbecue tools it comes with. Perhaps they’re hoping you’ll think the grill is steel, too.)

Go Grill folds up to 18” x 13” and is 1.5” thin. They say the grilling area has a “5-T-bone capacity” and that it can hold 12 burgers, 24 hot dogs, and a “man size rack” of ribs. While it does look like it holds a lotta meat, there is no way to know the actual size of the food items used in the commercial. Why can’t they just give us the dimensions of the grilling area?

Go Grill includes:

  • Go Grill
  • “Bonus” 11-piece stainless steel tool set (extra S&H)

Go Grill Doesn’t Include:

A lid! While this doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t work, a lid is an important way to get a BBQ heated up as well as cooking certain meats to perfection (like those T-bones they talk about).

The Go Grill Costs:

$35.97. They try to disguise this by saying it’s “just” $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and then sneakily charge you another $7.99 in fees for the “special bonus” tool set. Note: there is no money back guarantee listed on the website. We called customer service and because this product is no new (as of June 2014) they could not confirm or deny a return policy.

Bottom Line: Is the Go Grill Another Scam?

We smell something, and it’s not the odor of roasting meat. We couldn’t find any information about who the company is behind Go Grill (no info is listed on the website). While that isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, this is coupled with the fact that:

  • They don’t tell you what it’s made from
  • They don’t give the actual dimensions of the grilling area
  • There is no money-back guarantee listed
  • There is no lid
  • The company’s privacy policy allows them to spam you with offers and sell your info to others

There are plenty of smaller, portable grills (Google: hibachi) that are around the same price and we know how big they are and what they’re made out of. This product is nice and shiny but, like many “As Seen On TV” products, we suspect it’s a piece of junk.