The Go Green Drain Opener is being touted as the environmentally safe and effective way to get rid of multiple clogs in your home. It comes in a premeasured package which promises to eliminate guessing; they promise it won’t hurt your pipes as it emulsifies and liquefies unclogs hair, grease, food, and paper in seconds.

But what’s so “green” about this product we’re not quite sure. Plus, there’s some other stuff you should be aware of, as listed below.

The Go Green Pitch

“Green” is the key word in this product’s advertising. They are targeting consumers looking for more environmentally-friendly and/or natural alternatives, especially when buying cleaning products. They tout it’s “eco friendly” and “environmentally safe” but don’t list any ingredients to back this up; it should be noted they never use the words “all natural.”

About Natural Drain Cleaners

There are many recipes for natural/alternative drain cleaning products on the internet. Most involve taking baking soda and vinegar (remember the “lava” experiment from grade school?) along with pouring hot water to clean the drain. Read more here.

About Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are several different types of cleaning products we all are familiar with that contain sodium hydroxide, nitrates, or bleaches and that are heavier than water and can eat through grease and hair. The problem is they are harmful if touched or swallowed and can sometimes cause damage to pipes if not used correctly. These products are technically “eco friendly” as they are safe for sewers and septic tanks.

Go Green Costs:

$16.99 for 6 ($10 plus $6.99 S&H); if you want 12, add another $6.99 in fees. They give you 60 days to try Go Green and if it doesn’t work as promised, return for your $10, but they’ll keep all the S&H.

Bottom Line: Is Go Green a Scam?

This product may work as advertised, but:

  • How many packages will it take? (Not all clogs are created equal and we wonder if one package will be enough.)
  • What is in it? They don’t list the ingredients and claim it’s “eco friendly” – so is sodium hydroxide!  (And if it’s just baking soda, it’s expensive.)
  • These products are sometimes just a temporary fix of a larger problem that may require a plumber. To prevent clogged drains, check out:
  • Consider trying the baking soda/vinegar recipe from above.
  • Realize that Tristar Products (makers of Go Green Drain Opener) are “in the process of responding to” hundreds of complaints, according to the BBB.
  • Even if you return this product, you are out at least $6.99, plus what it costs to ship back.

Tell us what you think – did you buy Go Green Drain Opener and did it work or were you disappointed? Let us know below!