Genucel Dark Spot Corrector from Chamonix is a cream that claims to be a miracle in skincare that erases age spots, liver spots, dark spots, or acne scars anywhere they appear on your body. They brag Genucel Dark Spot Corrector contains revolutionary all-natural ingredients that have been shown to lighten these pesky spots, brighten skin, eliminate discoloration, even skin tone and can be safely used by men or women.

What Do They Say is in Genucel Dark Spot Corrector That Makes it Work?

Genucel Dark Spot Corrector is said to contain a special combo of ingredients that they promise work together to erase dark spots. They are:

This is the brand name of a substance called diacetyl boldine (aka DAB) extracted from the Chilean Boldo Tree, said to inhibit production of tyrosine, which affects the color of the skin. According to cosmetic review blog Truth in Aging, a small study was conducted by Louis Rinaldi by Bremmen Research labs that showed DAB to lighten pigmentation on subjects who applied it every day for 2 months by 25%. We couldn’t find that particular study, but should point out that Bremmen Research Labs sell anti-aging products that contain DAB.

Marine Hydrolyzed Collagen
This ingredient is said to prevent damage to the skin from UV rays and the aging process. According to Livestrong, marine collagen is a popular ingredient in many cosmetics due to its alleged skin benefits and cite a study conducted on mice that showed an increase of fibroblasts (a component of skin) on those that were treated topically with it. We could find no human studies to back this up.

Alpha-Arbutin aka Bearberry Extract
Another tyrosine inhibitor found in wheat that is said to have skin lightening properties. We did find a study that found that melanin synthesis was reduced by 40% on a 3D skin model treated with 250 mcg of alpha-arbutin but none conducted on actual skin. 

Aka a stable vitamin C, which they state plays an important role in the health and beauty of our skin. Indeed, vitamin C does play an important role in building collagen and there is a lot of evidence it helps our skin in many ways. However, it doesn’t work for everyone and the citric acid can cause irritation or burns

Conclusion: While there is some promise for the other ingredients, only truly proven skin-lightening agent is vitamin C. 

How Much is Chamonix Charging for Genucel Dark Spot Corrector?

  • $129 for (1) 1 oz. bottle Genucel Dark Spot Corrector
  • $193.50 for 2

Both options include free shipping.

Chamonix Skin Care Return and Refund Policy

Genucal Dark Spot Corrector carries Chamonix’s standard refund policy, which offers a 120 day (4 month) refund; however it should be noted that this is from the date ordered not when it comes in the mail. Because shipping times are not guaranteed, this could end up thinking you have longer to try it than you actually do.

In addition:

  • You must return all products, used or unused.
  • You will be charged a 9% “processing fee” for all returned items.
  • Refunds are not available for their Preferred Customer program, only exchanges, except for your first order.
  • Once other orders are shipped, you are responsible for them.
  • More information can be found on the Chamonix returns and refund policy page. 

Bottom Line: Is Genucel Dark Spot Corrector Worth the Price?

As we mentioned above, the only ingredient that has a lot of clinical evidence behind it for lightening the skin and removing age spots is vitamin C. However, we’d like to also point out that it doesn’t work to get rid of spots on all people’s skin and one study showed that it had no anti-aging effects on people who take a lot of vitamin C by mouth.

Gencucel Consumer Reviews and Rating

While the ingredients at least look somewhat promising, the customer reviews of Genucel products over at our sister publication Highya paint a starkly different picture. For example their cream called Stem Cell Eye Therapy receives an average 1 ½ stars, with a lot of people using the word “scam” in their reviews.

Many complain about the Preferred Customer Program, which, according to these reviewers weren’t aware of when they checked out. When they try and get a return for products mailed to them: 

“…I was told the Preferred Customer program allowed exchanges only. In fact, if you can't buy on a program other than the preferred, the four-month guarantee appears worthless. Refunds line is continuously busy, and are not open the hours they advertise.”

Said one entry. Others expressed similar experiences.

The Genucel Dark Skin Corrector website insists customers are informed before being enrolled, but we could find no enrollment information on the checkout page…

Screenshot of Genucel's checkout page

We called the 800 number listed as 800 754-6211 which turned out to be an automated system that didn’t let us connect to a live human without an extension number.

Cutting to the Chase: Because of the negative reviews, our inability to reach customer service, combined with expensive cost of a sneaky auto ship program and ingredients that are available in over-the-counter creams for a fraction of the cost, we strongly recommend you do not buy Genucel Dark Spot Corrector.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots

First of all, we’d like to remind you there is nothing wrong with you if you have dark spots from aging on your skin. We do understand the desire to look younger, but from our experience just because a cream is expensive doesn’t mean it works. One of the most effective ingredients is hydroquinone, approved by the FDA and found in many lower cost skin creams. Although there is some controversy because it has been banned in Europe, there are numerous studies showing it is safe and effective if used as directed. 

Then again, there is good old lemon juice, which is acidic like vitamin C and is  natural (and cheap) alternatives to a cream that may give you similar results. More recommendations can be found in this article from HowStuffWorks.

Remember, any anti-aging topical solution will take quite a bit of time and you have to be diligent and keep out of the sun or it may not work at all!

Let us know your experience with Genucel Dark Spot Corrector.

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