Genie Zip Bra is a new seamless bra under the Genie name. All their bras promise no wires, no hooks, and comfortable shoulder straps. The main difference here seems to be the zipper that runs down the front of the bra, which they say makes it even easier to put on or take off.

But is Genie Zip Bra a “bust?” We do have our doubts about the quality and durability of this product.

The Genie Zip Bra Pitch

This product is aimed primarily at women with a larger chest size or those that complain about ill-fitting, uncomfortable bras. They say it won’t ride up, gets rid of unsightly bulges, and contours to your body. They tout the no-rust front zipper adds to the ease of  use and that it doubles as a sports bra.

How Genie Zip Bra Works

All Genie bra products tout an everlast comfort stretch fabric, memory foam straps, and 3 zones of support (front, side, back) that will improve posture, smooth out bulges, and be so comfortable you’ll forget you have it on. The main difference between this version and the others appears to be the zippered front.

Genie Zip Bra comes in white, nude, or black and has 7 different sizes (S, M, L, XL, 1X, 2X, 3X); there is a chart on the website to show you how to convert from the traditional A, B, C, etc. cup sizes and choose the one for the best fit. They say just zip it on for all-day comfort and it’s machine washable so you can clean it after a sweaty workout.

Genie Zip Bra Costs:

$16.99 ($10 plus $6.99 S&H). If you want a second Genie Zip Bra, add another $6.99 handling. While no specific return policy was listed on the website, we called customer service and they promised a 60-day return policy, minus the shipping/handing and what it costs you in stamps to send back.

Bottom Line: Is Genie Zip Bra a Scam?

Genie Bras in general seem to have a mixed reception from women who have purchased them. Some do seem to like the way it feels and supports them during the day. But there are quite a few women, especially those with bigger busts, that say they offer little in the way of comfort and doesn’t work against gravity or last as long as promised. They also mention the bras tend to run on the smaller size. Does Genie Zip Bra address these problems? Perhaps.

Our main concern is the company behind Genie, Tristar Products, who have a long history of shoddy customer service, deceptive billing and marketing, and products that don’t work as advertised. A trip to the BBB website showed Tristar currently (as of June 2014) has no rating. The BBB says this is because the company is “in the process” of responding to customer complaints. And there seem to be a lot of them. There are over 1000 of them listed there, as outlined above.

If you are looking for a more comfy bra and Genie Zip Bra does appeal to you, we recommend you wait until this version is available at your local retailer where you can try it on and see if it does indeed fit and support like they say. Or at least wait until it’s online at Amazon, which will have a lower shipping fee and no-hassle return policy.