Genie Hour Glass from Tri-Star products is a “waist training” belt that exclaims if you wear it, you will look 2 sizes slimmer instantly. They tout its double compression waist training technology will shape your waistline, define your curves, smooth bulges and make you look and feel fabulous.

What is Waist Training?

Waist training is a new twist on an old-fashioned concept – the woman’s corset. Kim Kardashian became “obsessed” with wearing a waist-training belt while working out and began posting selfies on Instagram. And just like that, Waist Training became a hot new fad, which products like Genie Hour Glass are trying to cash in on (the men’s version also sold by Tri-Star is called the V-Shape Trainer).

But in spite of all the hype, there is no scientific evidence wearing a waist-training belt while you exercise has any added benefits. In fact, some feel it can prevent you from taking deep breaths, cause acid reflux, acne breakouts, lung infections or bruised ribs.

How Genie Hour Glass Works

Genie Hour Glass is said to use double compression technology, a “compression shaper” and adjustable “training bands” to help you suck in that gut. To use Genie Hour Glass, they say to first fasten the compression shaper and then adjust the training bands as tight as you can get them. Then, look in the mirror – they say you should see yourself with a more slender waist staring back at you.

Genie Hour Glass states you can wear it indoors or out, or under your clothes for a night on the town. They caution their product is not intended for use in lieu of proper diet or exercise and results may vary.

Genie Hour Glass Costs:

The default purchase is $35.97 for one black and one nude colored Genie Hour Glass belt ($19.99 plus $7.99 S&H per belt). If you want just one Genie Hour Glass you need to switch the radio box and then it’s $27.98.

Genie Hour Glass comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it you can return within that time frame for your initial $19.99 back but not any of the S&H fees.

Bottom Line: Is Genie Hour Glass a Good Way to Look Slim?

Waist training is a fad we hope goes away just like the corset. To be sure, it’s OK to wear for a few hours under a dress if it gives you more confidence, but as we mentioned earlier, wearing it while working out is definitely not a good idea that offers no real benefits and can possibly harm you.

In addition, while Genie-branded products like the Zip Bra seem to be popular, they get terrible reviews from consumers on our website saying they’re too small and the zipper breaks. Similarly, those that purchased Genie Slim Jeggings say they are poorly made and the company has terrible customer service and long shipping times.

For these reasons, we don’t recommend purchasing Genie Hour Glass online. If you are still interested, wait until they show up at your local retailer like Target or Walgreens (usually a month or so after the infomercials start running).

Then, wear Genie Hour Glass for only short periods of time (like a cocktail party) and never while working out.

Let us know your experience with Genie Hour Glass below!

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