Genie Cool Bra is a new bra from Genie products that touts “100% Cooling Technology” they say will reduce overheating and a sweaty chest. This is in addition to providing Genie’s hallmark 3 “zones of control” that support, lift, and shape your upper body without any wires, straps, or hooks.

The Genie Cool Bra Pitch

Genie Bras in general are marketed towards women who have a larger bust size and/or find regular bras uncomfortable. This particular model focuses on those that also get overheated; the infomercial shows lots of different women lifting up sweaty shirts or saying “I hate my bra!”

How Genie Cool Bra Works

Genie Cool Bra claims it’s made from “advanced cooling fabric that’s cool to the touch,” but don’t get more specific. (FYI, the Genie Bra Classic is made from 96% nylon and 4% spandex.) Like other Genie Bras, Genie Cool Bra says it has 3 Zones of Control designed to “lift, shape and support.”

Although the design looks very similar to the Genie Classic, the Genie Cool Bra says it uses 3 “cooling breakthroughs,” which are essentially a mesh-back, removable cups, and an inner pocket with “high quality cooling yarn” (again, without being more specific). They claim this fabric will actually lower your skin’s temperature, but cite no “supporting” evidence.

Basically, they say if you wear the Genie Cool Bra, you will have the same flattering control and comfort, and you’ll lose the sweaty bra stains as well.

Genie Cool Costs:

$69.96 for 7 Genie Cool Bras (2 nude, 2 white, 2 black plus a “free” blue bra). You can pay it in either 3 payments of $19.99 or one of $59.97 plus $9.99 P&H).

60-Day Warranty and Return:

You have 60 days to wear Genie Cool Bra, and if you are still finding you are overheating or any other reason, you can return for your money back, minus P&H. There is also a limited warranty of the same length to deal with any manufacturer defects. They ask you contact a customer service rep for more info.

Bottom Line: Is Genie Cool Bra a Scam?

Genie Bras: you either love them or hate them. At least that’s according to the numerous reviews of Genie products scattered throughout the interwebs. Many woman do enjoy the comfort and support these products claim to offer; however, there are quite a vocal number that complain of:

  • Poorly made or uncomfortable bras
  • Bras sized differently than expected or the wrong size delivered
  • Lack of bust support
  • Difficulty dealing with returns or warranty
  • Deceptive billing practices

According to the BBB, the company behind Genie Bra, Tristar Products, has been trying to resolve their numerous complaints about these and other products they put out (like the HealthMaster Blender and Power Juicer).

Most women who own or have tried Genie Bras say: at least try one on in a store first and see if it gives you the fit and support your need. If you do order online, wait until it’s available from a retailer that has a better customer service reputation and doesn’t insist you buy 7 at a time.

Did you order Genie Cool Bra and what was your experience? Do tell us, please!