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Received Futzuki Reflexology Massage Mat

Jan 30, 2017 | | California

I received this and found that the pain in my feet was too much, as I suffer pain in my feet and legs all the time with arthritis and neuropathy. This does not work for me as I cannot stand the pain. I tried to get the rec. number to send it back, but then found it would cost me more to send it back than to keep it, as I would have to pay for the postage. In other words, money back guarantee is not so good, because it cost that much to send back.

Yet to receive

Jan 24, 2017 | | Maryland

I can not write a review about the product, I ordered the product several weeks ago and have yet to receive it. I had received a e mail telling me the order had been filled and was being shipped and was given an order number. After a couple of weeks, I still did not receive my order. I called their service department at plymouthdirect.com and was told order was shipped but they gave me a different order number than the one when I ordered product. Again, I wrote to them twice and finally, I got a reply. They gave me a tracking number and also another different order number. I tried tracking the order but no one can find the tracking number or the order number. So in my thinking, this is a scam or a big rip off.

Futzuki Sucks

Jan 5, 2017 | | Louisburg, NC

This product sucks. It is like stepping on sharp rocks. It sure will make you forget about your back pain because your feet will hurt really badly. What a joke! Do not waste your money. They do not reimburse you for return shipping either.

Nothing like I expected

Jan 2, 2017 | | Clovis, CA

Stepping on the Futzuki mat felt like stepping on a million hard needles and caused severe pain. My husband has neuropathy, and I have rheumatoid arthritis, so pain is a real problem for us. Based on advertising, I hoped Futzuki would help, but just the opposite happened. Stepping on the massage points felt like spikes. We both jumped off with loud exclamations of pain. No possibility of this product helping relieve our pain.

Maybe I was sent the wrong thing

Jan 1, 2017 | | Brazoria, Texas

I waited on pins and needles for this mat and when I got it, I though I must be doing something wrong. But there is only one way to step on Futzuki and I had 6 other people try it, and they all said it hurt their feet and could not stay on it for even a minute. The nubs are just too hard for us. Maybe they will test one and send it to me or just get me my money back.

Helps but not everywhere

Dec 6, 2016 | | Roanoke, VA

I bought one, and yes, it helps my planters fasciitis, my knees, and ankles, but not my sciatica. I have had sciatica for 21-years, and it doesn't phase it. But it does relax my feet after standing on them for 10 hours at work. So, in my opinion, it's worth the $20 plus shipping of $6.99.

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