Furniture Feet are a set of plastic attachments to your furniture that the manufacturers insist will help you protect your floors from scratches. They tout Furniture Feet slip on in seconds, last 5 times longer than felt pads and will fit most any furniture leg.

How Furniture Feet Work

Furniture Feet is essentially a clear poly-vinyl “shoe” with a wool/cotton “sole,” for your table chair, sofa, dresser, or any other inanimate object’s leg that comes in contact with your bare floor. They state that the ordinary pads that come with most furniture quickly wear away, making your floors susceptible to damage every time the piece is moved.

They claim Furniture Feet is more durable because its pads are made of a blend of wool and cotton that lasts 5 times longer. Furniture Feet comes in 2 sizes, which they say fit most furniture pieces. To use Furniture Feet, they instruct you to choose the size that will work with your leg; they claim the poly-vinyl will stretch to accommodate the leg no matter its shape. Then, glide! They claim your floor won’t be scratched anymore by moving furniture.

In addition to protecting your floor, they add that Furniture Feet will protect the leg itself against damage from the vacuum cleaner.

Furniture Feet Cost:

$23.98 is the default, which includes 32 (16 large, 16 small) Furniture Feet as well as a 6-piece furniture pen set. This is sold as $10 plus $6.99 S&H for the first set of 16 and then they charge another $6.99 in fees for the second set – the furniture pens are thrown in for free. If you want just a set of 8 large and 8 small, you need to switch the radio box and then you’ll pay just $16.99 (but you won’t get the pens).

Furniture Feet comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, but this only covers the initial $10 and not any of the fees and what it costs you to send them back.

Bottom Line: Is Furniture Feet a Scam?

Scratches on the floor can be a drag (pun intended) so the promise of Furniture Feet is tempting. We couldn’t find any unbiased reviews of Furniture Feet but here’s what we can tell you:

First, if you opt for all 32 it’s going to cost you almost $24, more than half of which isn’t refundable even if the product doesn’t work. To us at Brightreviews, that’s a “red flag” that the product isn’t as great as they say it is.

We’d also like to point out that the Furniture Feet privacy policy allows them to use your name, address, phone number and email to sell you more products and services as well as give this info to “carefully selected” vendors. (You may opt out of these but you must send an email to

You do have a couple of ways to avoid these privacy intrusions and hidden fees. You could wait until Furniture Feet is available at your local Target, Walgreens, or other retailer (they almost always become available within a month or so of seeing them on TV). Then, if they are crappy, you can return them directly to the store without having to deal with lousy customer service.

You could also shop around for other slide/glide options. In spite of what Furniture Feet says, this concept is hardly new. We found a website of a company called All Glides that claims to have been in business over 30 years selling a variety of furniture glides for home, office, or school. 

We hope this helps you make an informed decision about Furniture Feet. Let us know what you think below!